Atari’s Cult Classic Game is Getting a Cyberpunk Anime Sequel After 42 Years

Yars Rising
(Image credit scores: WayForward)

Today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase had a couple of shocks, and if you take place to be accustomed to the Atari 2600 collection, none were extra shocking than the statement of Yars Rising.

Yars Rising is a Metroidvania- design activity platformer from WayForward, a fabled workshop with huge experience in the style many thanks to titles like the exceptional Shantae collection. You play as a cyberpunk called Emi that expands in power throughout the game, “granting her wild augments and biohacks that let her reach previously inaccessible areas,” as the game’s Steam page information.

Bewilderingly, Yars Rising is a follow-up to the Atari 2600 title Yars’ Revenge, a single-screen shooter where you manage an insect-like animal attempting to remove a large bad employer. There’s additionally this huge obstacle in the center of the display, and these strange fixed impacts, and … well, appearance, at a glimpse it is just one of one of the most ambiguous retro games you’ll ever before see. But it was extremely speculative by the requirements of the period, and nowadays is considered among the most effective Atari 2600games

Yars’ Revenge will certainly be usable within Yars Rising, and the brand-new game will certainly additionally include “a series of hacking minigames” that “pay homage” to the standard. Either method, this continues to be among the weirdest IP rebirths I’ve ever before seen – yet offered WayForward’s pedigree, I’m greater than delighted to see a brand-new Metroidvania from the workshop.

Back in 2022, Yars’ Revenge developer Howard Scott Warshaw informed DualShockers that a follow up got on the method, claiming “I’m going to create a huge backstory that’s going to go on and cover what I call ‘The Yarnovers.'” There’s no reference of Warshaw in present press products for Yars Rising, so it continues to be to be seen if this brand-new game coincides one he wanted.

Yars Rising is readied to release in 2024 throughout Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, COMPUTER, and of course, the Atari VCS.

The following mini Atari is a ‘70s computer you’ ve most likely never ever become aware of, and I’m hyped.

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