Apex Legends Gibraltar information (1.1.1): skills, hitbox, Gibraltar suggestions and methods

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Gibraltar as soon as was the topic of ridicule among the many Apex Legends characters roster, due to his huge hitbox, and regardless of his glorious and versatile array of skills. But with the discharge of v1.1.1, Gibraltar has acquired a considerable buff, and we’re now more likely to see much more of him in King’s Canyon. Our Apex Legends Gibraltar information will stroll you thru every of Gibraltar’s skills in flip, with prime suggestions and methods on find out how to use every successfully.

For full particulars and opinions on all the characters collectively, check out our Apex Legends characters information for every little thing you want. Alternatively, for those who’re in search of a centered information like this one however on a unique Legend, then merely check out the desk beneath and click on on a hyperlink to be taken to the hero of your selection. Each of those pages is absolutely updated with the newest suggestions for the beginning of Season 1 and the 1.1.1 patch notes (which you’ll learn in full element over on our Apex Legends update web page).

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Apex Legends Gibraltar information (1.1.1) – suggestions, stats, skills

There’s quite a bit to cowl with Gibraltar (no, that wasn’t a touch upon his measurement), and quite a bit to study if you wish to really grasp the Shielded Fortress of King’s Canyon. Click on any of the beneath hyperlinks to skip straight to the part of your selection.

Gibraltar overview – character strengths and weaknesses
Gibraltar hitbox vs other Legends
Passive ability:
Gun Shield
Tactical ability:
Dome of Protection
Ultimate ability:
Defensive Bombardment
How to play Gibraltar – top tips and strategies

Gibraltar information overview – character strengths and weaknesses

Let’s get this out of the way in which first: sure, Gibraltar is massive. The greatest, in actual fact. And it’s a considerable draw back to enjoying as him in Apex Legends – or a minimum of, it was once (extra on this in a second). But even pre-1.1.1, as soon as you bought previous this, for those who took the time to study and grasp his skills then he’d show his value many occasions over.

Gibraltar’s focus is in safety and defence, although he also can provoke and push with a substantial amount of success. His Passive supplies him with a substantial amount of private tanking potential, whereas his Tactical Dome of Protection, if used appropriately, can utterly change the course of a combat. His Ultimate in the meantime, very similar to Bangalore’s, can be utilized each defensively and offensively – notably offensively, although we’ll get to that in a second.

The trick is to utilize your skills in an effort to have a marked impact on encounters with enemies, as a result of in a straight up no-abilities combat, Gibraltar will at all times be at an obstacle together with his giant hitbox. Learn the moments the place your Tactical and Ultimate would profit your workforce (notably with the Dome, there are particular makes use of that may actually assist you to in your approach to change into the final workforce standing) and keep on the transfer as a lot as doable. Despite his slow-feeling motion animation, Gibraltar has the identical motion velocity as some other character, so that you gained’t have any hassle maintaining along with your teammates.

Season 1 and 1.1.1 Gibraltar adjustments

Season 1 introduced with it a bunch of steadiness adjustments to the skills and hitboxes of assorted Legends. Gibraltar’s hitbox was decreased to higher match his (nonetheless fairly huge) character mannequin, and his Ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, was fastened in order that the stun impact would have an effect on teammates similar to Bangalore’s Ultimate.

But that’s so final month. The 1.1.1 patch notes launched on 16 April elevated Gibraltar to unprecedented heights with two large buffs. The first is to his Passive Gun Shield, which now absorbs a full 75 Health earlier than disappearing as an alternative of simply 50. The second, which everybody may be very enthusiastic about, is the addition of a brand new “Fortified” Passive to take a seat alongside his present Gun Shield Passive, which reduces all incoming harm by 10%. Both adjustments had been clearly said by Respawn to compensate for his bigger hitbox and improve his total viability as we proceed into Season 1, and to this point it seems as if it’s performed the trick for each Gibraltar and Caustic (who additionally acquired the “Fortified” harm discount as the opposite Legend with the most important hitbox).

Read all about these and former patch notes by heading over to our Apex Legends update information.

Click the above picture to view it at highest decision.

Gibraltar hitbox vs different Legends

The above is a composite of assorted hitbox images created by YouTuber “SookieSpy”, which carry to gentle the unimaginable discrepancies in character hitboxes in Apex Legends. Season 1 introduced with it some adjustments to the hitboxes of Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder to higher match their character fashions, however the truth stays that Gibraltar is about twice the scale of Wraith, and thus, twice as simple to hit.

But due to the 1.1.1 replace, Gibraltar and Caustic are in a position to get pleasure from a flat 10% harm discount to compensate for the elevated variety of bullets that hit their cumbersome our bodies. And with Gibraltar’s mixture of the Fortified and Gun Shield Passives (to not point out his Dome of Protection Tactical means), for those who play him nicely you’ll simply be one of many hardest characters to down in Apex Legends.

Gibraltar skills information

Gibraltar’s skills, as mentioned, usually revolve round safety, zoning, and altering the tempo of a combat – although all of them use very differing strategies to perform this. Let’s check out every means in flip, beginning together with his Passives.

Passive means: Gun Shield/Fortified

Name Shield Health Description
Gun Shield 75 HP Aiming down sights deploys a gun defend that blocks incoming hearth.
Fortified N/A Reduces incoming harm by 10%.

Fortified is right here! It was talked about for a very long time up up to now as a doable methodology of constructing massive chunky Gibraltar and Caustic extra viable, and Respawn have seen match so as to add the flat 10% harm discount with the 1.1.1 patch notes. I gained’t spend time speaking about it, as a result of there’s not a lot to speak about right here. But it’s good. Gibraltar and Caustic actually do really feel extra tanky than the opposite characters now, and it’s a much-needed change.

Gibraltar’s unique Passive, Gun Shield, doesn’t require a lot mastery in any respect, and with out it there can be no saving him when underneath hearth. With this Passive, each time you purpose down sights as Gibraltar, after a quick delay a private defend will flick on in entrance of you, overlaying a big part of your physique from the entrance. You can, in fact, hearth by this defend, however enemies should inflict 75 harm to destroy the defend earlier than they’ll begin to harm your common Shields and Health.

What’s extra, the Shield will block all harm from the final shot that breaks it; for instance, a Kraber shot will deal 125 harm, however Gibraltar’s Shield will block everything of that harm earlier than breaking, regardless that it solely has 75 HP.

If you’ve taken a glance within the keybind settings for Apex Legends, you may additionally have observed that there’s a particular keybind for toggling Gibraltar’s Gun Shield on and off. Uses for this are few and much between, however it’s true that the brightly glowing Gun Shield does stick out like a sore thumb even from a distance, so at occasions you could wish to flip it off when sniping or initiating, earlier than turning it again on as soon as your presence is already observed by the enemy.

Passive Ability Tips

  • There is a slight delay between aiming down sights and the Gun Shield showing, so generally it’s finest to ADS forward of time to keep away from being let down by this delay.
  • There is a cooldown to the Gun Shield as soon as it has been damaged, however this cooldown will be decreased utilizing Shield Cells, Shield Batteries and Phoenix Kits. For extra data on all of the several types of therapeutic objects within the game, try our Apex Legends healing items information.
  • All extra harm delivered by the shot that breaks the Shield can even be absorbed (see the Kraber instance above).
  • The Gun Shield will be noticed simply by enemies, so you could generally wish to toggle it off when initiating. Just bear in mind to toggle it again on as soon as the combat has correctly begun.
  • The animation of holding your defend out in entrance of you as you ADS does obscure a piece of the display beneath your gun, so be certain your enemy is clearly in your sights whereas aiming as Gibraltar.
  • Gun Shield will solely activate whereas aiming down sights, so it’s finest to equip Gibraltar with weapons that profit from ADS reasonably than hip-firing: ARs and SMGs reasonably than Shotguns.

Tactical means: Dome of Protection

Name Duration Cooldown Description
Dome of
15s 20s after Dome expires Throw down a dome-shield that blocks assaults for 15 seconds.

Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection is without doubt one of the surest and most rapid methods to change the make-up of a workforce combat. This defend will deflect and take up all gunfire and ability-related harm, whereas permitting any participant (buddy or foe) to go by its barrier. Using this Tactical means was immediate Gibraltar to throw down a  small round generator onto the ground in entrance of him, round which the Dome will instantly seem.

This is a wonderful defensive means that can be utilized to nice impact whereas therapeutic, reviving, utilizing a Respawn Beacon, and quite a few different circumstances; nonetheless, it may also be misused, with spectacular outcomes, for those who don’t coordinate along with your teammates and by accident find yourself capturing the throwables for Bangalore‘s or Caustic‘s Ultimates. Regardless, it’s a powerful and reliable type of safety. However, you do have to be conscious that it is without doubt one of the most seen phenomena in Apex Legends, and enemies will be capable to see the Dome from a really lengthy distance away.

If used throughout an encounter, it’s crucial that your workforce maintains management of the Dome, reasonably than permitting the enemy to take over it. Having stated that, it’s best to purpose to not occupy the centre of the Dome, however to bounce out and in of its edges, very similar to you’ll with Bangalore’s Smokes. This method, you will have the benefit of its safety, however you’ll be able to shortly soar by in an effort to deal fast harm earlier than dodging again once more.

Tactical Ability Tips

  • If you’re caught someplace with no cowl, fast use of your Dome can save your – and your teammates’ – lives.
  • Dome of Protection is a wonderful factor to make use of proper on prime of a Respawn Beacon earlier than you utilize it to revive your fallen teammates. Respawning teammates at a Beacon attracts loads of consideration regardless, so it’s not such an enormous deal to throw down a Dome for some added safety whereas the progress bar holds you continue to.
  • You can block the projectiles of Bangalore’s and Caustic’s skills, so watch out while you use it.
  • Use the Dome to keep away from harm out of your (or one other Gibraltar’s) Ultimate, in addition to Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder Ultimate. A superb combo while you’re threatened and require time to heal or revive is to throw down first your Ultimate after which your Dome on your self.
  • You can place your Dome generator atop Lifeline’s Drone, after which push the Drone alongside in an effort to transfer your Shield.
  • Bear in thoughts that the Dome is a half-sphere, not a full sphere. It won’t descend into the bottom or any additional than the floor upon which the generator lands.
  • Don’t be afraid to position down a Dome in the course of a mid-range combat merely to heal up or shortly revive a teammate.
  • Fight across the edges of the Dome, simply as you’ll with Bangalore’s Smoke.

Ultimate means: Defensive Bombardment

Name Charge Time Description
4m 30s Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked place.

On the face of it, Gibraltar’s Ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, seems similar to Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder means. and it’s, actually. Both require you to lob a throwable at a selected space, after which missiles will rain down round that time earlier than exploding, dealing harm to and beautiful enemies (or your self for those who’re caught within the blast).

The distinction is that, whereas Gibraltar’s missiles deal simply as a lot harm as Bangalore’s, Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment operates in a smaller round space, turning it right into a extra concentrated damage-dealing Ultimate. Moreover, the delay between throwing the marker and the missiles exploding seems shorter for Gibraltar than for Bangalore.

It will be tough to know when is the proper time to make use of Defensive Bombardment; it doesn’t have the identical utility as Bangalore’s Ultimate as a result of it lacks the scale to function as a really efficient zoning instrument. However, it may be used to nice impact when initiating or if it’s worthwhile to flush out an enemy workforce sitting behind a rock or another cowl. Even in the event that they do escape in time, it typically supplies your workforce with sufficient of a distraction to maneuver to a greater place or to make a push in direction of the enemy to finish the combat. You also can use Gibraltar’s Ultimate along side his Tactical on your self for some momentary respite if it’s worthwhile to heal or revive a teammate.

Ultimate Ability Tips

  • Anyone caught be these missile blasts is surprised, whether or not buddy or foe – and whereas your teammates don’t take harm from the missiles, you’ll, so watch out when inserting it close to you.
  • A superb combo while you’re threatened and require time to heal or revive is to throw down first your Ultimate after which your Dome on your self.
  • You can use Defensive Bombardment offensively to nice impact, both to provoke or to flush out enemies holed up in a selected location. If even one enemy is downed by your Ultimate, it has performed its job admirably.
  • In a extra restricted method, you should utilize Gibraltar’s Ultimate as a zoning instrument very similar to with Bangalore’s Ultimate, both by throwing it between you and the enemy workforce or on yourselves, in an effort to provide the freedom and time to reposition or flank the enemy.

How to play Gibraltar – prime Gibraltar suggestions and techniques

Finally, let’s end up with some extra normal suggestions and methods on successful Apex Legends matches as Gibraltar.

  • Your workforce wants you. Gibraltar will not be a very good solo Legend. His skills are all meant to be used to additional and elevate your workforce as an entire. Look for any alternative to assist out your workforce with a Dome, or just by transferring in entrance of them to take in some harm along with your Gun Shield/Fortified Passives.
  • Communicate your means utilization. Improper use of your Dome or Defensive Bombardment can spoil your workforce’s possibilities of victory, which I feel is another excuse why many individuals are eager to keep away from studying him. The key’s simply to speak your intentions along with your workforce every time doable, to be sure to don’t screw them over in any respect.
  • Work to govern the general combat to your benefit. Gibraltar is a grasp manipulator of the combat. His Tactical and Ultimate skills each serve related functions, regardless of one relating to wreck and the opposite regarding safety. Learn correct placement and utilization of those skills to pressure enemies alongside the paths you need, or to halt their very own plans of their tracks.

And that’s just about every little thing we’ve acquired on Gibraltar for now. If you had been a Gibraltar naysayer earlier than, hopefully you’ve gained some extra understanding of how this beefy tank of a Legend can be utilized to nice impact in the proper arms. Now it’s time to get again on the market and begin absorbing some bullets to your workforce!