Apex Legends Caustic information (1.1.1) – talents, hitbox, Caustic ideas and tips

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Caustic, regardless of his premium standing as one in every of simply three characters in Apex Legends who have to be unlocked via Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, was all the time one of the crucial underperforming Legends within the game due to his cumbersome hitbox. But now with the discharge of the 1.1.1 replace, Caustic is far tankier and deadlier than he ever was, and there’s no higher time to begin studying methods to play as him. Our Apex Legends Caustic information is full of tonnes of sensible ideas and techniques relating to every of his talents, and far more.

For full particulars and opinions on the entire characters collectively, check out our Apex Legends characters information for every part you want. Alternatively, should you’re in search of a targeted information like this one however on a special Legend, then merely check out the desk under and click on on a hyperlink to be taken to the hero of your selection. Each of those pages is totally updated with the newest ideas for the beginning of Season 1.

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Apex Legends Caustic information (1.1.1) – ideas, stats, talents

We’ve received a good quantity to cowl with this Caustic information, regardless of his talents all seemingly revolving across the identical precept. To skip to a specific part of your selection, merely click on on any of the under hyperlinks.

Caustic overview – character strengths and weaknesses
Caustic hitbox vs other Legends
Passive ability:
Nox Vision
Tactical ability:
Nox Gas Trap
Ultimate ability:
Nox Gas Grenade
How to play Caustic – top tips and strategies

Caustic information overview – character strengths and weaknesses

Caustic excels in close-quarter conditions. His talents all centre round his patented Nox Gas, which slows, blinds, and damages enemies caught inside it, and divulges their areas to Caustic via the smog. So he’ll all the time be at his finest in confined areas; underground areas, indoors, or within the last circles. Out within the open, his talents are far much less efficient except you undertake a really aggressive playstyle when encountering enemy groups.

There are a number of downsides to enjoying as Caustic in comparison with the opposite Legends. For instance, he doesn’t have a devoted methodology of escape, or any approach to enhance his motion pace. Instead, his talents all deal with slowing down your enemies – however your Gas may also sluggish your teammates down, so that you’ll must be sure you’re with a workforce who is aware of methods to struggle alongside a Caustic. But alternatively, these talents additionally permit Caustic to play far more independently, participating a number of enemies without delay, backed up by the safety offered by your Nox Gas Traps and Nox Vision.

Season 1 and 1.1.1 Caustic modifications

We’d identified for fairly a while that Caustic wanted buffing, even after the arrival of Season 1 and the related diminished hitbox that higher match his character mannequin. Both the radius and proximity radius of his Nox Gas Traps had been elevated, and there may be now no delay between a entice being set off and enemies being broken by it, however Caustic was nonetheless nothing like as viable a Legend as others akin to Wraith and Octane.

But with the discharge of v1.1.1, Caustic now enjoys some very important buffs to his talents and his survivability. The new “Fortified” Passive, added to each Gibraltar and Caustic, reduces all incoming harm by 10%; and Caustic’s Gas harm per tick has been elevated from 1 to 4 – an enormous buff to the harm of his Nox Gas which makes him far more harmful than he ever was. Read all about these and all earlier modifications over on our Apex Legends update web page).

Click the above picture to view it at highest decision.

Caustic hitbox vs different Legends

The above is a composite of varied hitbox images created by YouTuber “SookieSpy”, which carry to gentle the unimaginable discrepancies in character hitboxes in Apex Legends. Season 1 introduced with it some modifications to the hitboxes of Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder to higher match their character fashions, however the reality stays that Gibraltar is about twice the scale of Wraith, and thus, twice as simple to hit.

As you possibly can see, Caustic occupies a less-than-ideal place on this chart, second solely to the large hulking Gibraltar when it comes to hitbox dimension. This means he’s fairly rattling simple to hit, significantly in comparison with the tiny figures of Wraith and Lifeline. But due to his new “Fortified” Passive, added within the 1.1.1 patch notes (learn extra with our Apex Legends update information), Caustic now additionally enjoys a 10% harm discount from all sources, making him the second tankiest Legend behind the Gun-Shield-touting Gibraltar.

Caustic talents information

Just like each different character in Apex Legends, Caustic comes outfitted with a Passive (always-on) means, a Tactical (activatable on quick cooldown) means, and an Ultimate (activatable and requires charging over time) means. However, in contrast to every other Legend, Caustic’s powers all revolve round precisely the identical software: his distinctive Nox Gas, which damages enemies these caught inside, in addition to obscuring the imaginative and prescient and stopping the sprinting of anybody inside (apart from you). Let’s check out how every of his talents work together with this mechanic.

Passive means: Nox Vision

Name Description
Nox Vision Allows you to see enemies via your gasoline.
Fortified Reduces incoming harm by 10%.

Fortified is right here! It was talked about for a very long time up thus far as a potential methodology of constructing massive chunky Caustic and Gibraltar extra viable, and Respawn have seen match so as to add the flat 10% harm discount with the 1.1.1 patch notes. I gained’t spend time speaking about it, as a result of there’s not a lot to speak about right here. But it’s good. Caustic and Gibraltar actually do really feel extra tanky than the opposite characters now, and it’s a much-needed change.

Nox Vision is what permits Caustic to be so lethal inside his personal Nox Gas. Aside from being proof against the harm and different results of the gasoline, Nox Vision lights up any enemies which might be at the moment being broken by your Nox Gas.

It’s one in every of simply two Tactical talents that spotlight enemies the way in which a Digital Threat sight does, the opposite being Bloodhound‘s; but while Bloodhound’s has the benefit of seeing enemies via partitions, Caustic’s Nox Vision is dynamic, monitoring enemies at each second that they’re contained in the gasoline, somewhat than simply highlighting the place they had been at a particular time.

Your Passive principally serves as one more reason to rely closely in your talents to unfold Nox Gas throughout each encounter, after which decide off enemies whereas they’re broken and weak. It additionally makes for what some may contemplate to be an much more efficient methodology of defence than Bangalore’s Smoke, just because while you encompass your self with Nox Gas you’ll instantly see when an enemy is making an attempt to make their approach via it to get to you.

Passive Ability Tips

  • Nox Vision’s highlighting impact solely works whereas the enemies are within the Gas and taking harm; the second they transfer outdoors the gasoline, the highlighting disappears.
  • In some ways this works very like a Digital Threat sight attachment would, so should you discover a Digital Threat sight, it’s in all probability higher fitted to another person in your workforce.
  • You don’t must be aiming down sights to ensure that the highlighting to take impact on enemies.

Tactical means: Nox Gas Trap

Name Gas Duration Gas DMG Cooldown Description
Nox Gas Trap 12.5s Starts at 4, +1 per tick, Max 10 25s Drop canisters that launch lethal Nox gasoline when shot or triggered by enemies.

Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps are what you actually consider while you consider what Caustic brings to the workforce. These giant canisters will be dropped a (very) quick distance in entrance of you, and will be activated after a second both by proximity (i.e. if an enemy is shut sufficient to it) or by being shot, both by you, a teammate, or an enemy. Once activated, these traps will spray out a cloud of poisonous Nox Gas round it, which is now deadlier than ever due to the 1.1.1 replace.

Like Bangalore’s Smokes, that is a capability with a number of expenses. In Caustic’s case, you possibly can have a most of three expenses for this means (so three traps you could lay down in fast succession), however these traps if left idle will persist till the tip of the match, and you may even have a most of six of those traps on the map at any given time. If you try to put a seventh, then your oldest entice might be faraway from play, and so forth.

These traps are for use each defensively, to discourage enemies from getting nearer and to cowl your self in Nox Gas, and offensively, to strain enemies hidden round corners and behind cowl. It’s an excellent concept to shoot your traps shortly after throwing them, somewhat than counting on enemies to stumble too shut. The purpose for that is that it’s pretty well-known now you could shoot the underside cylindrical purple part of the entice so as to destroy it with out setting off the Nox Gas.

Tactical Ability Tips

  • The major a part of the Nox Gas Trap is bullet-proof, and might due to this fact be used as (considerably efficient) cowl in sure conditions. However, you possibly can shoot the underside purple part of the entice to destroy it solely.
  • These Traps are the one important type of non-weapon harm out there to any character at first of the game, so reap the benefits of it early on when dropping in common and confined areas such because the Supply Ship.
  • The harm inflicted upon enemies will increase the longer they keep within the Gas.
  • You can use these Traps to dam doorways from opening – although many opponents may have the wherewithal to kick or blow open the door as an alternative.
  • It’s a good suggestion to put down and shoot one or two of those Traps while you need to heal up or revive a teammate, to obscure your self and act as a deterrent.
  • You ought to try to put these traps so they aren’t instantly seen, or enemies will simply shoot the bottoms of them to destroy them. Place them round corners, in bushes, and so on.
  • The “detection range” of the canisters (past which an enemy would set off the Trap) is half that of the particular Gas radius, so enemies might be caught in the midst of the Gas in the event that they activate it.

Ultimate means: Nox Gas Grenade

Name Gas DMG Duration Charge Time Description
Nox Gas Grenade Starts at 4, +1 per tick, Max 10 20s 2m Blankets a big space in Nox gasoline.

Caustic’s Ultimate is frankly just a little underwhelming, and has no proper to have the cost time that it does. It doesn’t even have the proper to be an Ultimate, actually, because it’s kind of the identical as inserting down and capturing two or three of his Nox Gas Traps. But nonetheless, it has some utility that his Tactical lacks.

Nox Gas Grenade is precisely as you’d count on from the identify; you throw a grenade, and it explodes on influence into a big cloud of Nox Gas, about twice the diameter of a daily Nox Gas Trap. And that’s it, actually. It’s helpful in that you just don’t should hassle with throwing after which capturing to ensure that it to activate, and it may be used to nice impact to obscure your self when it is advisable heal or revive a teammate; and there may be some use in having the ability to throw it additional than a standard Trap.

But probabilities to make use of this means offensively are only a few and much between, as they depend on an enemy workforce that doesn’t react shortly to the Gas. You may get a number of ticks of harm in, however that’ll be it: which is why I’d advise you retain maintain of your Ultimate till it is advisable use it as a deterrent. Think of it as one in every of Bangalore’s Smoke Grenades – search for alternatives to dam an space off, or to obscure your self or a teammate from the enemy as you reposition or heal.

Ultimate Ability Tips

  • Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade harm doesn’t stack atop the Nox Gas Trap harm.
  • This Ultimate means is finest utilized in all the identical methods as a daily Nox Gas Trap, but it surely’s sluggish to cost, so don’t depend on it throughout fights as you gained’t all the time have entry to it.
  • One wonderful aggressive use for the Nox Gas Grenade is in case you are up towards a workforce with a Bangalore, and so they’re hiding inside Smokes. Throw your Gas Grenade within the Smoke, and it’ll trigger chaos contained in the clouds of fog and smog, flushing them out into the open.

How to play Caustic – high Caustic ideas and techniques

Finally, let’s end up with some extra normal ideas and tips on profitable Apex Legends matches as Caustic.

  • Be aggressive. Caustic is most weak out within the open, so it is advisable shut distances as shortly as potential. Go for flanks, discover methods to show the encounter right into a close-quarters one the place you may make good use of your talents.
  • Learn the place you might be strongest: indoors, underground, within the last Rings. Always search for alternatives to make use of your Nox Gas effectively. Look for confined areas all through the match, and gravitate in the direction of them. This also needs to have an effect on the place you land; locations like Skull Town and Slum Lakes are best. For extra info on all of the totally different areas throughout King’s Canyon, take a look at our detailed Apex Legends map and locations information.
  • Use your Nox Gas as a deterrent when it is advisable. Caustic’s Gas is one thing that incites concern within the enemy. It’s all the time a scary factor to seek out your self nose to nose with a Nox Gas Trap. Use this to your benefit, creating blockades and “hostile” zones between you and the enemy workforce while you want time to reposition or heal. This can be helpful if you find yourself being third-partied; use your Nox Gas to sluggish the progress of 1 workforce as you have interaction the opposite, or retreat to a safer location.

And that’s every part we’ve received for now on Caustic. He’s a difficult Legend to grasp, for certain, however I’ve seen some actually expert Caustics earlier than, and consider me, they’ll actually wreck your day. There’s no higher time to begin studying this buff-as-a-truck character, so why not make the leap into the Nox Gas, and discover out all his strengths for your self?