Another Code: Recollection Brings Trace Memory and its Wii Sequel to the Nintendo Switch

Another Code: Two Memories, or Trace Memory as it’s understood in North America, is a Nintendo DS game that introduced on the portable tool back in 2005. Its follow up, Another Code: R – Journey Into Lost Memories, introduced on the Wii in 2009, yet it never ever pertained to North America. Now, gamers can experience both games when Another Code: Recollection hits Switch in January. 

Another Code: Recollection is a boosted collection of Trace Memory as well as Another Code: R releasing on Switch on January 19, 2024. During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo exposed this collection of games with a brand-new trailer revealing improved visuals while drawing back the drapes on lead character Ashley, that is taking a trip to the remote Blood Edward Island searching for her papa. 

Check out the Another Code: Recollection expose trailer on your own listed below: 

After Ashley obtains a letter from her papa, that she thinks to be dead, a chain of secrets as well as visions from the past is triggered, sending her to Blood Edward Island. There, Ashley have to explore her environments while addressing problems to expose the reality. Another Code: R finishes Ashley’s story. In it, she travels to Lake Juliet 2 years after the occasions of Trace Memory to discover the covert reality bordering her mommy. 

“This collection includes fully enhanced versions of both original games, featuring overhauled visuals, fully explorable environments, new voice acting, puzzles, music, and more,” Nintendo’s summary of the game checks out. “Optional hint and navigation systems have been added to help players new to adventure games.” 

Another Code: Recollection will certainly set you back $59.99 as well as launch on Switch on January 19, 2024. 

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