Amy Hennig’s Marvel game has already been flushed out, it’s probably Fantastic 4

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Amy Hennig's Marvel game has already been flushed out, it's probably Fantastic 4

Remember, it was last week, Marvel Entertainment proudly announced that it had commissioned Skydance New Media, the new studio run by Amy Hennig (writer of the first three Uncharted), to develop a new narrative single-player game set in the Marvel Universe, however with a completely original story. If the announcement was deliberately vague on the title of the game, many began to wonder. It didn’t take long before the tongues started to loosen and some people spoke. This is the case of Kevin Smith, American filmmaker known for having directed Clerks and Jay & Bob, who sold the wick a little by mistake. It is indeed in his pop culture show “Fatman Beyond” that we learned that his co-host, Marc Bernardin, is also working on the script for Amy Hennig’s game. Journalist, but also a screenwriter in the professional comic, Marc Bernardin has therefore exclusively revealed to be at work with Amy Hennig on this new Marvel game.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have worked with a woman named Amy Hennig, known to have been the screenwriter of Uncharted, the world famous games. She has started taking over as head of the video game division at Skydance and they announced this week that the game we are working on is a game with Marvel. And that’s literally all I can say about it. But I’ve spent a big chunk of this year imagining a story for a Marvel video game.

If Kevin Smith did not react more than that during this announcement, it is because the American filmmaker was already aware and admits a few seconds later having to be careful not to say too much, recalling that leaking information can jeopardize their employment. Only then, a few moments later, Kevin Smith reveals that the cat immediately found the name of the game, confessing at the same time his astonishment. His colleague Marc Bernardin then asks him to show the cat, but Kevin Smith tells him that he prefers to show him later. Bad luck, a certain Ben Hanson, who previously worked at Game Informer, was present in the chat and noted the names that were cited by viewers. In replay, you have to advance to 1:04 am to see the name proposals balanced by the cat, due to a lag inherent in the YouTube technique. Still, for Ben Hanson, the two names to remember his Ant-Man and The Fantastic Four, but the latter very quickly excludes Ant-Man from the possibilities, knowing that the third episode is scheduled for 2023. There is indeed much more likely that Marvel will want to relaunch the Fantastic 4 franchise, both in theaters with the MCU movie and the video game. A choice which also seems to coincide with the comments made by Amy Hennig who said in the press release that the game will allow players to embody the heroes they love, heroes in the plural. When we know that the Fantastic Four are composed of four superheroes, this is obviously obvious.

If Marc Bernardin wanted to be as evasive as possible, Kevin Smith has undoubtedly made a serious mistake. Of course, these are just guesses, but the director gave so many clues with the cat that he put the NDA signed by his co-host at risk. Still, this new Marvel game is even more anticipated with this rumor and with a woman of the caliber of Amy Hennig, Marvel is relying a lot on its know-how to offer an AAA worthy of film productions.


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