Amnesia: The Bunker provides the gamer a weapon– however at what price?

The Amnesia games are infamously scary, matching the gamer versus weird animals as well as unusual secrets with just a flashlight as well as their wits. The 3rd game in the collection obtained presented on Thursday, as well as it shocks the formula to frightening impact. It’s the initial game in the collection to offer the lead character a weapon, although it does not feel like it’ll be way too much aid in the grand plan of points.

The Bunker occurs throughout World War I, with a tired French soldier getting up in the blood-splattered shelter concerned. Like prior entrances, the game jobs the gamer with handling their stress and anxiety as they browse this brand-new as well as scary atmosphere with a wind-up, loud eager beaver flashlight in hand.

Unlike previous games, the gameplay is a lot more sandbox-y, with the gamer in control of establishing their very own concerns rather than adhering to an extra scripted story. Possibly the most significant expose of the trailer was the truth that this time around, the gamer personality will certainly obtain a weapon– although considering it’s a revolver with minimal ammo, it most likely will not be way too much aid versus whatever brand-new risks are hiding in the shelter.

Frictional Games lags the Amnesia games as well as SOMA, which is an appealing pedigree. Amnesia: The Bunker is being established for computer, Xbox, as well as PlayStation, as well as while we do not have a launch day yet, it appears like an interesting spin on a precious scary collection.


Source: Polygon


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