Altar Acolyte: A Deckbuilding Roguelike with Epic Beasts Inspired by Shadow of the Colossus

Acolyte of the Altar
(Image credit: Black Kite Games)

Deckbuilding has become a hugely popular genre in recent years thanks to brilliant titles like Hearthstone, Slay the Spire, and Inscryption. They’re easy to pick up and play but tough to master, and undoubtedly keep you coming back for more. Soon to be joining their ranks is Acolyte of the Altar from Black Kite Games, which, as well as compelling card-based antics, looks set to bring something new to the table.

This dark fantasy roguelike tasks you with scouring the wastelands for epic Shadow of the Colossus-style monstrosities known as Beasts, and much like in that game, these titans won’t be easily toppled. 

Tackling them doesn’t involve a perilous ascent to find their weak spot, though; instead, it’s more reminiscent of the tactics you’d find in Bioshock and Dead Space. “Fight back against the Beasts by infesting them with various swarms of insects, setting parts of them on fire, even cutting off limbs and depriving them of their abilities,” reads the game’s Steam page. “Interaction with the Beasts lies at the heart of Acolyte of the Altar.”

You’ll not only have to play your cards right here, but you’ll also have to play them quickly as the more a battle goes on, the angrier and stronger your opponent becomes, and pretty soon, you’ll find they’re able to counter your spells and make short work of the creatures you’ve summoned.

Acolyte of the Altar features over 100 cards as well as randomly generated floors, ensuring that no two runs are ever alike. It’s due to arrive on March 25, and if you fancy giving it a go before then, there’s currently a demo available on Steam.

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