After 9 years, a highly anticipated sequel to an amazing XCOM-style strategy game is finally here – part of a underrated series known for consistently great games

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SteamWorld Heist 2
(Image credit history: Thunderful)

After showing themselves in darn near every style imaginable, the devs behind the unbelievable VaporWorld collection are lastly going back to the style of their great XCOM-style technique game with an appropriate follow up readied to introduce later on this year.

Heavy SteamWorld Heist 2 was disclosed at today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, and is readied to strike Switch together with PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and COMPUTER on August 8. Like its precursor, this is a turn-based technique game where you manage an upgradeable team of personalities from a side-view viewpoint, meticulously aligning your shots with backfiring bullets to do one of the most harm feasible to your adversaries. Think XCOM combined with Worms and you get on the best track.

The follow up takes the idea to a high seas establishing, allowing you manage a submarine in real-time marine battle as you discover the globe map in between the calculated fights. In a news release, the devs tease that the experience will certainly be a meaningful one that uses “35+ hours of gameplay.” That’s a lot, a lot longer than the initial, which HowLongToBeat appear the 10-20 hour array.

If you’re not knowledgeable about the VaporWorld collection, it deserves excavating right into. Developer Image & Form – currently under Thunderful’s indie mega-banner – has actually utilized VaporWorld to construct a cosmos of games including steampunk robotics throughout all various video gaming styles. Heavy SteamWorld Dig was a Minecraft- touched Metroidvania, Heavy SteamWorld Quest offered us a deckbuilding story RPG, and Heavy SteamWorld Build also brought us a full-on city-building game.

Maybe the wildest feature of VaporWorld is that each and every single access in the collection has actually been great, and most of them have actually been superb. Dig 2 is among the very best Metroidvania games about, and if Heist 2 – simply the 2nd straight follow up in the family tree – can make a comparable degree of enhancements on its precursor, we remain in for something absolutely unique.

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