Adorable pet cat crawler attributed with a significant spike in gamers for leading chess web site

(Image credit history:Chess com)

Players of among the greatest on-line chess websites have actually needed to take care of web server concerns as a result of a huge boost in gamers, and also some suspect that a brand-new kitty chess crawler is responsible.

As reported by theChess com Twitter account earlier today, the website saw a website traffic boost of 60% and also increase the quantity of brand-new gamers than was seen at the elevation of the COVID-19 lockdown. There’s no clear reason the website has actually had such a sharp boost however, as the tweet states: “The game we all love is alive, well, and flourishing.”

There are some concepts regarding why the online Chess website has actually risen in appeal just recently however. One concept is that maybe to YouTuber Ludwig’s current chess boxing competition last month. The occasion saw material designers from around the globe participate in a suit that saw candidates rotating in between a game of chess and also a couple of rounds in the boxing ring. Similarly to this, numerous individuals in the respond to the tweet have actually mentioned that chess-specific YouTuber GothamChess (opens up in brand-new tab)‘ video clips are what obtained lots of people right into thegame

My favored concept though is that the boost results from a brand-new chess crawler that was just recently contributed to thegame According to numerous of the replies in the Twitter string, a brand-new pet cat crawler called Mittens was just recently contributed to the website’s AI lineup, and also in addition to being lovable, she’s obviously a worthwhile challenger. To make it also much better, when you bet the feline adversary, she’ll state points like “Meow. I am Mittens, the destroyer of kings. Hehehe” and also “I am inevitable. I am forever. Meow. Hehehehe.”

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