Zelnik and his 18 million

While Rockstar Games ignores the RDO community and abandons the reissue of the “Trilogy”, we have no choice but to write on the topic “let’s count other people’s money.” True, we did not count them, taking numbers from colleagues’ material. One of the highest paid heads in the gaming industry is the man who unleashed a war on modders and GTA fans.

From the Games Ône website published a study, during which they tried to determine how much the heads of gaming companies earn. Take-Two’s Mr. Strauss Zelnick ranked seventh on the list with over $18 million in calendar year 2020. He is estimated to earn 9,000 an hour. Compared to the median average publishing salary of just over 72,000 a year, the ratio is 251 to 1.

And here is the chapter Zynga, which is about to be swallowed up by T2, received more in the same year (5th place) – 32 million. CEO result escaped from the owner of the GTA studio Codemasters for fiscal 2020 – a little more than one million.

The notorious Bobby Kotick received about 155 million in the specified period, but still did not become the first – he was overtaken by the head of a certain Playtika, which deals with shareware mobile games, with more than $ 372,000,000!


Source: gta.com.ua