«Яндекс» первой среди российских компаний представила умные устройства с поддерж..

Yandex is the first among Russian companies to introduce smart devices compatible with Matter: a LED strip and a smart socket.

Matter is a protocol for the smart home, which connects devices of various manufacturers allowing them to work together. Devices supporting Matter all connect via the same algorithm, saving the user from having to grapple with varying setup processes.

The LED strip can be used for lighting or to accessorise an interior. It supports 16 million colors, with adjustable brightness and light temperature. The user can apply a preset smart scenario, or customise their own. For example, the strip could be set to light up when the user arrives home. It measures three meters, but can be extended or shortened as needed.

The smart socket makes standard household devices smart. Made from fire-resistant plastic, it automatically switches off when the acceptable voltage level is exceeded, sending a notification to the user’s smartphone. The socket can also be controlled remotely from a phone.

Both devices support the Matter over Wi-Fi protocol, enabling them to perform smart functions without an internet connection by exchanging data over the router’s local network.

The devices can be connected using a “Station 2”, “Midi”, “Mini”, “Light” or “Yandex Hub”.

The LED strip costs 3990 rubles, while the smart socket prices at 1790 rubles. Both are available for purchase on Yandex Market and from other retailers.

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