«Яндекс Переводчик» стал умнее, обучившись на YandexGPT«Яндекс Переводчик» работ..

«Yandex Translator» Has Become Smarter with YandexGPT Training

«Yandex Translator» has been utilizing machine translation with a lightweight neural network since 2018: this allows it to process numerous requests quickly, but large language models like YandexGPT excel much better in generating diverse texts and understanding context.

To maintain its speed and improve the translator, «Yandex» combined two working principles: the translator continues to operate on a lightweight neural network, but the diverse benchmark text examples for its training were prepared by YandexGPT.

Now the service understands context more accurately, recognizes idioms, and is adapted to professional jargon: for instance, the translator can discern from the context when it refers to a programming language or a stock index, leaving the term names untranslated.

The updated technology is already available for translations from English to Russian in «Yandex Translator», «Search», and also for video translations in «Browser».

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