Xbox Asks Fans To Describe Their Favorite Games As Quickly As Possible

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A bunch of Xbox fans got asked to describe their favorite games as quickly as possible this month. Needless to say, asking social media for this kind of task is going to inspire some laughs. With so many of the Xbox franchises popular to this generation of gamers, you got some really funny stuff in the replies. It feels like every week there is something else that Microsoft dreams up for the fans to discuss or post about. It’s been a long road during the pandemic and the gamers have only seen their numbers swell as the months stretch on. Check out some of the best posts down below:

Xbox boss Phil Spencer couldn’t help but express his gratitude for the people getting into games over the last 12 months. On Twitter, he talked about how positive the feedback has been from fans during quarantine. “It’s heartening to hear from so many people using gaming as a way to stay connected during these times. Play is a fundamental human need,” he typed. “Proud to be part of an industry that can offer escape and fun right now. Stay safe.”

What’s your favorite game of all-time? Let us know down in the comments! Check out some of the best jokes down below:

You knew they’d show up

But which one!??!?!

People, come on

Straight comedy


Freaking clever

He wasn’t wrong

Oh this is amazing


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