Why it’s worth looking into the Crater, God of War Ragnar ök’s largest location

Kratos looks at an Odin’s Raven and a frozen lightning bolt in God of War Ragnarok

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The Crater is quickly the biggest location in all ofGod of War Ragnarök It’s situated in the northwest edge of Vanaheim, and also you will not have the ability to see it on the map– not to mention arrive– till you’ve truly made a damage in the game’s primary tale. It’s obtained 3 areas (the Plains, the Jungle, and also the Sinkholes), and also each are loaded with side web content for you to experience with as you come close to the titular Ragnar ök.

In this overview, we’re mosting likely to damage down just how and also when you can get to the crater, what you can do there, and also why we assume it’s worth your priceless time.

How do I reach the Vanaheim Crater in God of War Ragnar ök?

Before we enter into the meat below, a direct this message covers some moderate looters– though we’ve maintained the message specifically obscure while likewise supplying the details you require.

Roughly two-thirds of the method though Ragnar ök, you’ll head back to Vanaheim to assist Freyr out of a bind. You’ll ultimately make your back to Freyr’s Camp, where you’ll obtain a side mission called the “Scent of Survival” from Lunda’s pet dog.

This side mission is extremely straightforward: It actually simply asks you to adhere to the pet dog withVanaheim You’ll need to take care of some day/night cycle wrongdoings, however the pet dog will ultimately reveal you the course to theCrater Once you get here, you’ll have the ability to leave or return anytime you desire through the mystic entrance right at the location’s entryway.

When should I do The Crater and also where should I begin?

A map of The Jungle in The Crater in God of War Ragnarok

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The Crater is a fairly top-level area, and also you’re going to obtain your butt kicked a little bit if you’re any type of less than degree 6, which is still kinda pressing it. We advise you be about level seven or even eight prior to attempting several of the more challenging battles in the location.

As much as the tale goes, you can go anytime after you open theCrater However, we extremely advise you do the Crater prior to you launch the game’s last objective inMidgard You can still finish every little thing after the game mores than, however the tale defeats hit harder when you finish the Crater prior to the debts roll.

Once you make it the Crater, you ought to withstand need to discover the Plains initially, as the Crater remains in serious requirement of water to load the rivers. This isn’t just ecological selflessness. Restoring the river opens accessibility to easier traveling and also some antiques.

To turn on the water, check out the Plains area on your map and also view the left side. You’ll see a small bridge introducing a haze. This is the entryway to the Jungle, which houses the dam. Head there initially and also let loose the floodgates to extra on your own some frustration.

What loot and also prizes can I enter the Crater?

Kratos prepares to open a Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok

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There be dragons in the Crater, and also you’ll require to take them out if you desire among the game’s best armor sets: theDragon Scaled Armor You’ll likewise obtain assailed a variety of times in the Crater by a centaur Huntress– as soon as in each area. Defeating her in her burrow, situated off the beaten track in the Jungle, for a 4th time will certainly provide you vital sources to craft a lot more trendy shield.

There are likewise a number of Odin’s Ravens and also Nornir Chests discovered throughout the Crater, in addition to some artefacts, so if you’re a collection agency you’ll absolutely require to invest time down below. If you’re interested regarding catching God of War Ragnar ök‘s platinum prize for the game, you’ll require to trawl the Crater to access the following:

  • The Curator (Bronze) – Collect every one of the Artifacts
  • Full Belly (Silver) – Obtain every one of the Apples of Idunn and also Horns of Blood Mead
  • Dragon Slayer (Silver) – Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set
  • Invasive Species (Silver) – Complete every one of the Crater Hunts
  • Purge of Hart (Silver) – Return the Stags of the Four Seasons

A fast note on Purge of Hart, the prize you manage saving the Stags of theFour Seasons All of these stags are extremely simple to locate, other than one, which’s mainly since the map is complicated. There is one Stag in the Jungle, one in the Sinkholes, and also the inThe Plains

However, that’s just according to the map. To reach the 2nd Stag in The Plains, you in fact require to experience right into the Wishing Well, which you can just accessibility through The Sinkholes, however departures right intoThe Plains So if you come down there and also locate all the Stags besides one in The Plains, utilize our Wishing Well overview to locate the last one.

Is The Crater worth my time?

The Crater is definitely worth your time. It’s among the coolest and also most enjoyable locations in all of Ragnar ök, and also it’s definitely loaded with side missions and also– as we discussed above– loot.

But extra significantly, it likewise informs an intriguing tale that– while detached from the primary drive of God of War Ragnar ök — fills out some vital information for a mystical personality. It’s a truly properly designed location and also we extremely advise popping your head in to examine it out, also if you’re incapable to tackle several of in charge battles till after you complete the primary tale.


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