West Balkans – New Industries

They claim that truckers make the globe go rounded, as well as taking into consideration the variety of products as well as various other freight being transferred someplace around primarily every 2nd, we need to concur! That is why the subject of New Industries is the most effective very first step right into even more in-depth details regarding what you can anticipate in the upcoming West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

We are beginning with a brand-new logistic depot, which will certainly use you plenty of tasks including various freights to carry. With difficult locations for packing as well as discharging, these brand-new locations will absolutely bring you a great deal of enjoyable.

Marine Logistics
As you might understand, to name a few states this DLC will certainly additionally consist of the attractive nation of Croatia, which, along with a lengthy coastline of the Adriatic Sea on its western side, additionally consists of numerous islands. Our brand-new depot has the job, with the aid of the gamers, to guarantee their supply or vice versa – the transportation of products generated on the islands. And not just that. The sea additionally provides treasures such as fish as well as fish and shellfish, so we will certainly commit component of the location to their handling.

River Port
Speaking of water, a huge river of wonderful relevance for transportation – the Danube – streams with the neighborhood region. Ships transportation a great deal of product simultaneously, yet they have one issue. They cannot bring their freight outside the river. So they need to move their freight, which is what ports are for. Seaports have actually been around for time, yet river ports are brand-new to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Oil Fields
Although times appear to be gradually transforming, tractors on diesel still run in the real life as well as within our games. Diesel is generated from oil, which have to be removed from the land prior to usage. And while the ATS gamers have actually currently run into oil removal, for the globe of ETS2 it will certainly be a breath of fresh air.

Small Chemical Plant
Chemical plants aren’t simply large manufacturing facilities loaded with high glossy tools as well as massive containers. There are additionally smaller sized plants that refine chemicals had in different items, such as pharmacy items. Deliver the chemicals, the employees will certainly refine them, and after that you can take completion results to grocery store stockrooms.

Bauxite Terminal
There are considerable down payments of Bauxite rock within the West Balkans. This debris is made use of for getting light weight aluminum, with the very first step being mining. Our freeway semi-tractors are not specifically fit for getting in mines, yet they can aid with various other devices that can do simply that. Therefore, the depot offers not just as a garage for the devoted devices yet additionally as a transshipment factor for product.

Aluminum Foundry
So, we have actually effectively extracted bauxite as well as currently it requires to be more refined. This is specifically what the Aluminum Foundry is for. A challenging handling procedure requires to have a great deal of freight supplied to ensure that important product can be developed in the last actions. Machines require extra components, storehouse employees require brand-new handling tools, as well as out goes a delivery of fresh light weight aluminum ingots as well as up for more handling.

Metal Light Factory
We have actually developed light weight aluminum, yet it is essential to change it right into items that are around us daily Cars, tin aluminum foil in the cooking area, digital gadgets… The listing takes place. And Metal Light Factory prepares to change light weight aluminum ingots right into numerous such products. However, you will certainly additionally satisfy various other steels within this depot.

Car Parts Factory
You are possibly conscious that we have actually had cars and truck firms in the game economic climate considering that the very start. But the auto sector does not contain just big locations for the last setting up of automobiles. Many of the essential components are generated somewhere else. And these are specifically the manufacturing facilities that we will certainly bring right into the game with this map growth.

Caravan Factory
As the name recommends, the brand-new Caravan Factory concentrates on the manufacturing of well… campers. The production line needs the shipment of a great deal of freight that is had throughout the whole economic climate, as an example, components from the Car Parts Factory, or whole van framework from an automobile maker. Heading the various other means, you will certainly grab the completely built automobiles as well as provide them to caravan enthusiasts around Europe.

Please remember that whatever revealed as well as discussed in this write-up is still quite a “work in progress”. If you’re currently delighted to drive to as well as from these markets, make certain to include West Balkans DLC to your Steam Wishlist. We have a lot more details to show you regarding this task in the future, so remain in touch by following us on social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) to not lose out on anything fascinating.