В сеть попали первые характеристики MSI Claw 8 AI PlusНовая версия портативной п..

First Specifications of MSI Claw 8 AI Plus Leaked

The new version of the portable console will be equipped with an Intel Lunar Lake processor, boosting performance by 1.5 times. MSI has also added an extra inch to the screen size and now claims it’s the most powerful portable device among those with a screen of this size.

The console will now feature a USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4 support and improved LB/RB button response.

Key specifications:

• Chipset: Intel Core Ultra 200V (Meteor Lake)
• Display: 8″, 1920 x 1080, 120 Hz, VRR
• Memory: up to 32GB / 1TB
• Battery: 80 Wh, USB-C 65W

The original MSI Claw with Fallout-style design will also be available for sale. Release dates and prices are currently unknown.

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