В iOS 18 появится функция отслеживания взгляда и ряд других специальных возможно..

iOS 18 will feature eye tracking and a host of other special capabilities

Apple has announced a host of special capabilities that will appear in iOS 18:

• control iPhone and iPad with your gaze and front camera. No additional devices or software required;
• Taptic Engine in “Music”. People with hearing impairments will be able to activate vibrations in sync with music in Apple Music;
people with speech impairments will be able to comfortably use voice commands. Apple has trained artificial intelligence so that Siri can understand any speech;
• an app for reducing motion sickness in cars. While in motion, points will appear on the screen, moving in rhythm with the vehicle, reducing symptoms of motion sickness;
• CarPlay will support voice control, color filters, and sound recognition for system control;
• for the Apple Vision Pro headset, subtitles that work in real time will be available.

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