Update Details for Patch 1.1.1f1 – Hotfix Release

Greetings, everyone! We’re here to roll out a quick hotfix to resolve some issues reported in the aftermath of the Modding Wavelet update. We are diligently working on rectifying bugs and poring over your feedback. However, we wanted to expedite the release of these particular fixes.

It’s important to note that we are actively investigating a problem that prevents mods from initializing upon the initial game startup. Should you encounter this predicament and no mods appear, please try restarting the game. Should the problem persist, we would greatly value a bug report submitted here

  • Resolved instances of crashing to desktop or other disruptions when initiating a new game on a map featuring pre-placed buildings and fences
  • Addressed the scenario where logging out from the Paradox account would block further access to mods
  • Rectified the issue where mods would not appear in-game
  • Corrected the dimming effect on map thumbnail and preview visuals
  • Mended various localization discrepancies
  • Upgraded the generic popup to a searchable popup for selecting existing mods in the Save/Map upload interface
  • Refreshed Paradox Mods branding symbols across multiple interfaces
  • Integrated badges for DLC content and Paradox Mods data source in appropriate panels (Load, New game, Asset picker, etc.)
  • Enabled page navigation through mouse wheel in the What’s New Panel
  • Expanded supported external link popup resolver to include youtu.be and discord.gg
  • Fixed the issue of image and preview uploads failing in the Save/Map upload interface due to spaces in file names
  • Enhanced the sanitization process for version numbers in the Save/Map upload interface

Lastly, a reminder that feedback on bugs should be directed to the forum. We’re truly grateful for your reports, including the invaluable logs and savegames you provide!