Tome of Beasts 2 Adds a Plethora of Fantastic Monsters to Dungeons & Dragons

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Kobold Press has launched a brand new bestiary crammed with lots of of fascinating threats for Dungeons & Dragons. After a profitable Kickstarter earlier this 12 months, Kobold Press has formally launched Tome of Beasts 2, their third bestiary of monsters made for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The e book is a standalone bestiary with over 400 totally different monsters, starting from high-level threats like historic imperial dragons and demon lords to weirder creatures just like the Snake With a Hundred Mage Hands or the very seasonal Snow Terror, which seems like a Frosty the Snowman pulled straight out of hell.

The monsters in Tome of Beasts 2 are appropriately various, with all the pieces from weird new golems to unusual new undead creatures just like the Windy Wailer, a crescent moon-shaped spirit that streaks throughout the sky like a comet, showing inside its pages. Many monsters are pulled out of non-European folklore, whereas others flesh out the world of Midgard, the marketing campaign setting created by Kobold Press founder Wolfgang Baur and used because the setting for the corporate’s adventures. While the brand new tome explains how sure creatures match inside Midgard, all of those monsters could be simply slotted into any marketing campaign setting, whether or not it is an “official” world just like the Forgotten Realms or a wholly homebrew setting.

Where Tome of Beasts 2 actually excels is that the e book finds methods to “fill the gaps” left in official Wizards of the Coast publications. For occasion, Tome of Beasts 2 incorporates over 40 new fey creatures, which just about equals the variety of fey present in official D&D books. What’s extra – the e book incorporates entries for high-level fey threats (corresponding to archfey) for these campaigns who really desire a substantive marketing campaign set within the Feywild. While there are over 20 excessive CR creatures included in Tome of Beasts 2, this explicit bestiary appears to focus totally on Tier 2/Tier three stage threats, with the vast majority of monsters having a problem score between 5 and 15. And whereas the primary Tome of Beasts (printed about two years after the launch of Fifth Edition) had a couple of monsters that punched excessive above its CR, a cursory inspection of the monsters throughout my readthrough did not reveal any monsters that appeared considerably extra threatening than what their score indicated.

If you are a DM searching for new monsters to throw at your D&D gamers or want a creature that they can not metagame round, Tome of Beasts 2 is a must have e book. One readthrough already has me brimming with concepts for future marketing campaign and journey hooks that I do know will delight my gamers. A PDF model of Tome of Beasts 2 is obtainable for $29.99 whereas a hardcover model is obtainable for $49.99.


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