Those Avatar: The Last Airbender skins have arrived in Smite

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Theological battle enviornment Smite‘s gone all Nickelodeon on us in the present day. Those Avatar: The Last Airbender skins Hi-Rez Studios introduced final month have arrived, packed inside their very own bespoke battle-pass added to the god-smashing MOBA in the present day. They won’t be full characters in their very own proper – as a substitute, possessing three of Smite’s current legendary warriors – however for those who’ve ever wished to batter Zeus as a child-like cartoon demigod, now’s your likelihood.

I’m undecided what the crossover between Smite gamers and Nickelodeon viewers is, thoughts, and it’s hardly essentially the most well timed crossover (Avatar: The Legend Of Korra wrapped up again in 2014, far as I can inform). But they’re neat skins and, as cartoony as they’re, do match fairly properly into Hi-Rez’s godly fight-club.

Avatar’s three magical children arrive as skins for current characters moderately than heroes in their very own proper – The Last Airbender’s bald saviour Aang as Merlin, his brooding mate Zuko as Susano, with The Legend Of Korra’s, err, Korra and her large canine Naga taking up the function of Skadi and her bear. These three skins arrive with the Avatar Battle Pass, which additionally add a complete load of badges, emotes and announcers to the game, all themed after a present I skilled largely via cultural osmosis on Tumblr.

A “Prestige” monitor, unlocked after capping out all 60 ranges of the go, consists of three extra alternate skins – glowing Avatar kinds for the 2 Avatars, and a blue spirit go well with for Zuko. While many of those goodies are free, you’ll must shell out for the Premium Battle Pass for the skins. That’ll set you again 750 Gems – and faux currencies being what they’re, you’ll have to select up a minimum of 800 gems at $15.

But hey, folks most likely paid extra to see M. Night Shyamalan’s Avatar flick, so who’s the actual loser?


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