The Outer World weapons: the most effective weapons and science weapons

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using the shock weapon in The Outer Worlds

Now we get to the enjoyable stuff, The Outer Worlds weapons. There’s a prolonged quantity of nurturing, buffing, and tinkering that you just’ll have to offer your weapons in The Outer Worlds. Picking up a gun you like gained’t lower it, so we’ve damaged down every thing it’s good to learn about weapons in The Outer Worlds.

There are six several types of weapons in The Outer Worlds together with 1-handed melee, 2-handed melee, handguns, lengthy weapons, heavy weapons, and science weapons. Guns corresponding to assault rifles, grenade launchers, and shotguns all match into one in all these six classes and require a sort of ammo to operate from gentle, heavy, and vitality – with melee weapons needing no ammo in any respect.

All of The Outer Worlds weapons have a sturdiness meter and will be repaired utilizing weapon elements at a workbench. Your gun won’t ever break fully, however a decrease sturdiness will have an effect on the efficiency of your weapon, which means it can deal much less harm. You also can use a workbench to adapt your weapon in The Outer Worlds, including mods to vary its stats. Here’s every thing it’s good to learn about weapon sorts, particular results, and the science weapons you’ll discover in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds weapon harm sorts

There are 5 several types of harm you may inflict along with your weapons in The Outer Worlds. All weapon sorts have their benefits and drawbacks, so it’s a case of chopping and altering between weapons based on the enemies you come up towards if you wish to be working at peak effectivity.

  • Physical: weak towards armour
  • Plasma: benefit towards flesh, however weak towards mantisaurs
  • Corrosion: benefit towards armour, together with automechnicals, manisaurs, and heavy armour
  • Shock: benefit towards automechanicals
  • N-Ray: benefit towards armour, however weak towards inorganic enemies. Deals harm to an enemy, which continues to break enemies round them

The Outer Worlds weapon particular results

The Outer Worlds weapons have all kinds of particular results and skills, which makes taking pictures the unhealthy guys (or good guys, who’re we to evaluate?) all of the extra satisfying. Equipping a weapon with a particular impact can have its benefits and drawbacks towards sure enemy sorts and conditions. Here are The Outer World weapon particular results:

  • Weaken: lowers all abilities a reasonable quantity and enemy takes elevated plasma, shack, corrosive, and n-ray harm
  • Stagger: pushes the enemy backwards a brief distance, reduces melee, ranged, and defence abilities. Increases the quantity of bodily harm obtained
  • Knockdown: knocks enemy to the bottom and makes them unable to take motion for a small interval
  • Knockout: knocks the enemy to the bottom, they’re unable to assault for an extended interval than Knockdown
  • Stun: enemy is unable to assault for a small interval
  • Burn: offers burn harm
  • Bleed: offers harm over time to flesh enemy sorts
  • Execute: elevated probability of ending an enemy

The Outer Worlds science weapons

Science weapons in The Outer Worlds are distinctive weapons created to be quirky, break the legal guidelines of physics, and enjoyable to make use of. There are 5 science weapons in The Outer Worlds and so they all want vitality ammo to operate, their particular talents compromise the harm dealt, however who cares while you’re shrinking robots. Here are the 5 science weapons you’ll find within the The Outer Worlds.

  • Shrink Ray: Deals plasma harm and reduces the enemy’s dimension, armour, and harm. Can be present in Phineas’ Lab.
  • Prismatic Hammer: Sends out a wave of vitality and will be discovered on Groundbreaker, while you buy the battered Mardet datapad from Gladys it can present you to a hidden room situated on Groundbreaker.
  • Mandibular Rearranger: Has an opportunity to stagger enemies in addition to dealing bodily harm. You’ll must buy the Hephaestus Mining Archive Cartridge from Gladys on Groundbreaker, which can ship you to the Abandoned Mining Outpost on Scylla.
  • Gloop Gun: Deals shock harm and makes the enemy levitate whereas dealing splash harm to close by enemies. Part of the Errors Unseen aspect mission discovered on Monarch.
  • Mind Control Ray: Makes natural and automechanical enemies activate one another, additionally dealing plasma harm. Head to Monarch and buy the SubLight datapad from Duncan who will be discovered within the Fallbrook Dry Goods and Supplies.

Now you’re geared up with a fountain of information of weapons in The Outer Worlds, our Outer Worlds perks and The Outer Worlds flaws will enable you create your superb character.

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