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In The Division 2, you’re solely pretty much as good because the weapons you carry. And whereas there’s a substantial amount of weapons to select from this time spherical as you stalk what stays of Washington, D.C, you’re solely in a position to carry two major weapons and one sidearm, so it’s greatest to know what to anticipate with every gun. Our The Division 2 weapons information will stroll you thru the stats and behaviours of each weapon you’ll find via each tier stage, from the frequent and worn all the way in which as much as legendary Exotic weapons such because the Lullaby Shotgun and the Ruthless Rifle.

If you’re after a extra normal overview on Tom Clancy’s newest open-world loot-and-shooter, take a look at our fundamental The Division 2 guide, which is full of newbie’s ideas and hyperlinks to our sections of our guides collection, from The Division 2 best perks to all The Division 2 factions you’ll be able to encounter throughout your travels.

A shootout between the agent and some hyenas.

The Division 2 weapons information

We’ve obtained so much to cowl on this The Division 2 weapons information, from stats and behaviours to explanations of the assorted Exotic weapons within the game. Feel free to make use of any of the hyperlinks under to skip forward to a selected part of your selecting.

The Division 2 weapon tiers and rarities
Exotic weapons Assault Rifles Marksman Rifles Rifles
SMGs LMGs Shotguns Pistols

The Division 2 weapon tiers and rarities

The Division 2’s weapons should not solely sorted by sort (Assault Rifle, SMG, and many others.) but additionally by stage and rarity. If you’re simply beginning out, it in all probability received’t take you too lengthy to come back throughout the identical weapon in two totally different colors, one white and one inexperienced, or maybe blue.

The next stage of the identical weapon (i.e. Level 2 vs Level 1) will increase the bottom injury of the weapon and likewise offers its class-based trait a lift (extra on this later). But totally different colors don’t simply give stat boosts; larger tiers and rarities may also increase the weapon with a number of particular skills that would utterly rework each the gun and your fashion of play. Take a take a look at the desk under for the complete particulars of what every tier will give you.

Tier/Rarity Colour Effect
Worn White 0 Talents, low stats
Standard Green 0 Talents, mediocre stats
Specialized Blue 1 Talent, elevated stats
Superior Purple 2 Talents, excessive stats
High-End Orange 3 Talents, glorious stats
Exotic Red/Peach Unique named weapons with distinctive Talents

Exotic weapons in The Division 2

The rarest weapons it’s potential to seek out in The Division 2 are so-called Exotic weapons. This high tier of weaponry distinguishes itself from the remaining in a number of methods:

  • You might solely have one Exotic weapon geared up at any given time.
  • Each Exotic weapon has distinctive Talents that can’t be present in different weapon tiers.
  • Exotic weapons all have a really distinct mannequin and look, and their rarity color is purple/peach.

These Exotic weapons are designed to mirror your present stage, and could be upgraded over time, so with due diligence relating to upkeep you’ll be able to take an Exotic weapon with you from the beginning of your journey all the way in which into Endgame territory. So whereas their stats aren’t at all times assured to be above these of different weapons, they’re designed to work in ways in which different weapons can’t, they usually have a a lot higher potential than different rarities of weapon. It’s additionally price noting that the Lullaby and Ruthless Exotic weapons are unique to the Capitol Defender pack, which you’ll be able to learn extra about in Dave’s The Division 2 preorder bonus item information.

Take a glance via the desk under for info on all of the Exotic weapons we presently know of in The Division 2.

  Name Class/Type RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
Ruthless Exotic Rifle 260 30 2.5s 10-60m
Talents: Binary Trigger (this weapon is provided with a binary set off that fires on set off pull and launch)
Brutality (whereas holstered, touchdown a shot has a 5% probability to deal +20% injury as explosive injury)
Merciless Exotic Rifle 260 30 2.5s 10-60m
Talents: Binary Trigger (this weapon is provided with a binary set off that fires on set off pull and launch)
Guerilla Warfare (pulling the set off fires primer rounds that keep embedded in an enemy. Releasing the set off fires detonator rounds that detonate all primers on the enemy it hits. Each primer detonated beneficial properties +75% per primer detonated. Only one enemy can have primers and at most 5 primers could be embedded)
Brutality (whereas holstered, touchdown a shot has a 5% probability to deal +20% injury as explosive injury)
Lullaby Exotic Shotgun 70 8 4.1s 0-20m
Talents: Lullaby (touchdown a melee assault on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor.)
Evasive (whereas geared up, dodging reloads 1% of your present weapon’s journal)
Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun 70 8 4.1s 0-20m
Talents: Sweet Dreams (touchdown a melee assault on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor and applies the Sandman debuff. Killing an enemy with the Sandman debuff reapplies the bonus armor.)
Sandman (this debuff prevents the enemy from utilizing armor kits and from receiving therapeutic from any supply)
Evasive (whereas geared up, dodging reloads 1% of your present weapon’s journal)
The Chatterbox Exotic SMG 700 60 2.2s 0-30m
Talents: Incessant Chatter (each shot landed grants 1% price of fireside to a max of 60%. This resets on reload)
Box Magazine (kills with this weapon refill 20% of its journal and grants a buff for 10s. While the buff is energetic, each shot landed will increase journal capability by 1 to a max of 60. Killing a goal consumes the buff to totally refill the elevated journal)
Blabbermouth (whereas holstered, reloading your weapon inside 5s after a kill grants 20% price of fireside for 10s)
Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol 150 8 1.9s 0-30m
Talents: Liberty (acquire +100% injury to hostile electronics. While aiming, enemy weak factors and hostile electronics are highlighted.)
Blind Justice (after destroying an enemy’s weak level or hostile electronics, your subsequent bullet offers +500% weapon injury. If that shot kills an enemy, your journal is refilled and grants +100% weapon injury for the whole journal)
Independence (whereas holstered, destroying weakpoints refills 20% of your present weapon’s journal)

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are your bread-and-butter in The Division 2, and the category of gun which is equipped to you whenever you first begin out with a brand new character. Different ARs could be full-auto or hearth in bursts, however you’re typically speaking a couple of dependable, fast-firing gun with an honest magazine dimension and extensive efficient vary. The class-specific trait for all Assault Rifles is a bonus to Health injury.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
ACR 650 30 2.2s 10-45m
AK-M 600 30 2.5s 10-45m
Black Market AK-M 600 30 2.3s 10-45m
Military AK-M 600 30 2.5s 10-45m
AUG A3 680 30 2.0s 10-45m
CTAR 900 30 2.1s 10-45m
F2000 850 30 2.0s 10-45m
FAL/SA-58 650 20 2.2s 10-45m
Tactical SA-58 650 20 2.3s 10-45m
FAMAS 900 30 2.2s 10-45m
G36 750 30 2.1s 10-45m
Military G36 750 30 2.3s 10-45m
Police M4 850 30 2.4s 10-45m
Mk16 625 30 2.2s 10-45m
P416 750 30 2.2s 10-45m

Marksman Rifles

Marksman Rifles are slow-firing however pack one hell of a punch. Ideally for use at lengthy vary, these sharpshooters have a really excessive base injury per shot corresponding to that of shotguns, and to compensate for this they’ve excessive recoil, are gradual to fireplace and to reload, and have typically very low magazine sizes. The class-specific trait for all Marksman Rifles is a bonus to headshot injury.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
Classic M44 Carbine 55 5 4.1s 10-70m
Classic M44 Carbine Replica 55 5 4.2s 10-70m
Custom M44 55 5 3.2s 10-70m
Hunting M44 55 5 3.8s 10-70m
SRS 60 7 3.0s 10-70m
M700 54 7 7.1s 10-70m
M700 Tactical 59 7 7.1s 10-70m
SRS-1 60 5 3.2s 10-70m
SVD 260 10 2.5s 10-70m


Rifles are the one class we didn’t see in The Division 2, they usually slot properly between the gradual however punchy Marksman Rifles and the full-auto Assault Rifles. Rifles normally have a better price of fireside than their Marksman cousins, in addition to a higher magazine dimension and a smoother journey typically, although they predictably lack the flat injury potential per shot of the Marksman Rifles. These Rifles are typically very versatile in efficient vary, ready for use at each lengthy and shut vary with out an excessive amount of problem. The class-specific trait for all Rifles is a bonus to Critical Hit injury.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
1886 100 5 4.0s 10-60m
ACR 420 30 2.2s 10-60m
Classic M1A 180 10 3.0s 10-60m
M1A CQB 300 10 3.0s 10-60m
M4/LAR-15 240 30 2.4s 10-60m
Mk17/Mk20 275 20 2.2s 10-60m
SIG 716 300 20 2.4s 10-60m
Urban MDR 280 20 1.9s 10-60m
USC 240 20 2.2s 10-60m
M16A2 300 30 2.4s 10-60m

SMGs (Submachine Guns)

Submachine Guns, or SMGs, are light-weight and really nimble choices for close- to mid-range fight. What units them other than the opposite courses is a capability to dish out a stupendous variety of bullets in a brief area of time whereas concurrently providing you a stability that lets you perhaps really hit with a few of these bullets. They’re a diverse class and a very good backup weapon to be paired with an Assault Rifle or Marksman Rifle, however be cautious of its intense injury dropoff over longer distances. The class-specific trait for all SMGs is a bonus to Critical Hit probability.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
AUG 725 25 2.0s 0-30m
T821 550 32 1.9s 0-30m
SMG-9 825 32 2.0s 0-30m
SMG-9 A2 825 32 1.8s 0-30m
M1928 600 30 2.2s 0-30m
Tommy Gun 800 50 2.2s 0-30m
MP5 800 32 2.0s 0-30m
MP5 ST 800 32 1.9s 0-30m
MP7 950 40 2.0s 0-30m
MPX 850 30 2.2s 0-30m
P90 900 50 2.0s 0-30m
PP-19 700 53 2.5s 0-30m
UMP-45 600 30 2.2s 0-30m
Vector 9mm 1,200 33 1.9s 0-30m
Vector .45 APC 1,200 25 1.9s 0-30m
Tactical Vector 1,200 19 1.9s 0-30m

LMGs (Light Machine Guns)

The massive brother of the SMG, the LMG is a beast of a weapon class, typically dealing larger injury per shot than SMGs at comparable charges of fireside. The LMG’s declare to fame is its magazine dimension, which may vary all the way in which as much as 100 in some instances. It additionally has very heavy recoil which decreases the longer you maintain down the set off, so don’t be afraid to maintain your finger held down and let these bullets fly. The class-specific trait for all LMGs is a bonus to break to targets out of canopy.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
M60 500 100 5.8s 10-50m
Classic RPK-74 650 45 3.0s 10-50m
Black Market RPK-74 E 650 45 2.5s 10-50m
Military RPKR-74 M 650 45 2.8s 10-50m
M249 B 550 100 5.6s 10-50m
Tactical M249 Para 550 100 5.5s 10-50m
MG5 800 50 5.6s 10-50m
L86 610 30 3.0s 10-50m
MK46 550 100 5.0s 10-50m

Shooting a yellow heavy in DZ East.


Shotguns are, nicely, shotguns. Big, close-range monsters that deal disgusting quantities of injury, however solely as much as a sure distance, after which they flip into bubble shooters. Pair these up with a faster-firing weapon that may deal injury over longer distances, and also you’re all set. The class-specific trait for all Shotguns is a bonus to melee injury.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
ACS-12 300 20 2.3s 0-20m
Double Barrel 200 2 2.2s 0-20m
M870 75 5 3.7s 0-20m
SASG-12 180 7 3.0s 0-20m
SPAS-12 70 8 5.4s 0-20m
Super 90 160 8 4.8s 0-20m
Marine Super 90 160 8 4.3s 0-20m


Pistols are solely out there to be geared up into your Sidearm slot, and generally function a backup if all else fails. There’s a reasonably numerous vary of Pistols to select from, some buying and selling injury for a quicker price of fireside or vice versa, however they’re all pretty helpful at shut and medium ranges. There isn’t any class-specific trait for Pistols.

Name RPM Mag Size Reload Time Range
First Wave PF45 230 12 1.9s 0-30m
Custom PF45 230 15 1.9s 0-30m
D50 150 8 1.9s 0-30m
M1911 260 7 1.9s 0-30m
M45A1 260 8 1.9s 0-30m
M9 245 15 1.7s 0-30m
Px4 Storm Type F 250 17 1.9s 0-30m
Px4 Storm Type T 250 20 1.9s 0-30m
X-45 250 10 1.9s 0-30m
X-45 Tactical Replica 400 15 1.0s 0-30m
93R 1100 20 1.9s 0-30m
586 Magnum 160 6 1.7s 0-30m
Police 686 Magnum 160 6 1.5s 0-30m
Diceros 180 7 1.8s 0-30m
Snubnosed Diceros 180 6 1.8s 0-30m
Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun 200 2 2.2s 0-30m

And that’s every little thing we’ve obtained to date on all The Division 2 weapons! Hopefully you’ve emerged having discovered the data you had been after. And preserve checking again, as a result of we’ll be updating this and all our different The Division 2 guides as time goes on and we study extra about Massive’s huge new world.


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