The Community Spotlight – 10/01/2016

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Many thanks to graboids for making Vinny's
Many thanks to graboids for making Vinny’s “dream” of being a Shenmue character a reality.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! Every week seems to feature a trend of sorts when it comes to the Giant Bomb Community. This week the Giant Bomb Community felt especially creative and created what I can only describe to be a massive supply of staff related artwork. All of the art that you will see today is amazing, so check it all out and please provide some positive reinforcement for all of our content creators this week. With that aside, let’s review the few bits of housekeeping for this week.

  • Extra-Life 2016 Giant Bomb Team (November 5th)! The community effort to get ready for Extra Life is here! Learn how you can help support the effort to raise money for charity RIGHT NOW!
  • TurboMan compiled all of the stats you could ever ask for pertaining to Brad’s recent Breaking Brad for Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. For those of you wanting the quick and dirty they are Average: 157k,Median: 144k, Max: 417k, Min: 1200, Standard Deviation: 101k. Plus here’s a graph of Brad’s performance over time:

Clip(s) of the Week

Vinnmue: Giant Bomb Endurance Animation (By: @graboids)

graboids went ahead and took the banner for this week and used it in an animation where Vinny, Alex, and Dan “become” characters in Shenmue…it is as nightmarish as you think it is.

Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run–15 (Parts 131 to 135) (By: @clagnaught)

clagnaught is getting near the homestretch with his latest “Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run” video that covers the creepy insanity of episodes 131 to 135. P4 spoilers ahoy!

Community Activities

Are you excited for Gears of War 4? Because there's already a community online thread for the game!
Are you excited for Gears of War 4? Because there’s already a community online thread for the game!

Giant Bomb Gears 4 Gamertag Thread (By: @dharmabum)

We already have a Gamertag exchange thread for anyone planning on buying Gears of War 4! Learn which users you can play the game with online over here.

Giant Bomb’s FIFA 17 Pro Club (By: @baillie)

A handful of Giant Bomb users are trying to create a community PS4 FIFA 17 Pro Club! Let out a yelp if you are interested.

Giant Bomb Community Battlerite Steam ID Sharing Thread (By: @niko555)

Are you interesting in playing the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champion, Battlerite, with GB users? Well do I have the forum thread for you!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Banner – Vinny in Shenmue & Tom Amiibo (By: @graboids)

First off, let’s thank graboids for creating the banner this week because I know it will haunt your dreams for the rest of the week. Less nightmarish is graboids’s amazing Amiibo for Tom.


Jeff Persona 5 Portrait (By: muldraws)

What would Jeff look like if he were a Persona 5 character? Well you are in luck, because muldraws on Tumblr recently created this artwork.


Giant Bomb NHL Style (By: @buzz_clik)

buzz_clik is back in action and created this AWESOME Giant Bomb NHL inspired style logo that everyone should check out.


GiantBomb X Rez (By: @fobwashed)

Perennial friend of the site, Fobwashed, is back with a wonderful work of art! This time he mashed up Jeff with the Rez CD case.


Giant Bomb Forza Horizon 3 Logo (By: @nuts4ford)

Check out the absolutely AWESOME Giant Bomb themed vinyl Nuts4Ford made in Forza Horizon 3. Plus, if you have created your own vinyls feel free to post them on the thread!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Bombcast Sketch (By: morehandclaps)

Over on Twitter morehandclaps is back with a great warm-up sketch that she created inspired by this week’s Bombcast.


Best of Blogs

Cav829 wants YOU to be a support in Overwatch that unites, and not divides, a team!
Cav829 wants YOU to be a support in Overwatch that unites, and not divides, a team!

An Intermediate Guide to Supports, Part 3: Team Comp and Working With Your Supports (By: @cav829)

Cav829’s latest Overwatch guide provides you with a smattering of tips and hints on how your team can become more cohesive online by effectively using supports.

Why I Don’t Buy Games that Use Denuvo (By: @savage)

Savage comments on what the Denuvo software is, why games that support it should be avoided, and what puts him off on the DRM program in general.

Weekly Flounder: Mythos (By: @theflamingo352)

TheFlamingo352’s latest blog uses Dark Souls as a case study to detail why he thinks From Software is one of the best studios for in-narrative mythology.

What are you looking at? Check out MikeLemmer's blog on Ultima 4 to find out.
What are you looking at? Check out MikeLemmer’s blog on Ultima 4 to find out.

Late to the Party: Killzone, Mordor and The Order (By: @pezen)

He may be late to the party but you should still check out Pezen’s blog on Killzone: Shadow Fall, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Order: 1886, and discover if he recommends any of them.

RimWorld Season 4: Fire & Ice & The Multifaceted Good: Morality in Ultima 4 (By: @mikelemmer)

MikeLemmer lets you in on the latest adventures he had in RimWorld. This episode shares his attempts to survive Winter and dealing with dwindling supplies. Secondly, MikeLemmer discusses the multifaceted morality ofUltima IV: Quest of the Avatar, and how its legacy influences the morality systems we see today.

The Great Journey Calls All Units: Halo Wars (By: @darth_navster)

ALL UNITS! Darth_Navster’s latest retrospective on the Halo franchise takes him to the interesting world of Halo Wars, and why the game has lost much of its luster over the years.

I Gave Into Temptation: Vive Arriving Tomorrow! (+ GearVR Talk) (By: @jasoncooke)

jasoncooke bit the bullet and purchased an HTC Vive recently. Read how he prepared for the wonderful nightmarish world that is Gear VR, and get an update on how it has been.

jasoncooke's blog about using an HTC Vive is up to his third day with the device.
jasoncooke’s blog about using an HTC Vive is up to his third day with the device.

Adventure Afterlife 20 Years Of Adventure Games Part 4 – 1995 (By: @azuresama)

azuresama examines the ups and downs of adventure games in 1995 with a look at Discworld, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery, and Full Throttle.

Here Is My Interview With The Amazing Danny O’Dwyer, PLUS He Answers Some Of Your Fan Questions! (By: @vegetashonor)

MakoTitan had the pleasure of interviewing Danny O’Dwyer, and even was able to ask him some questions from the Giant Bomb community.

Silver Case Early Impressions (By: @adequatelyprepared)

The Silver Case is coming out soon and AdequatelyPrepared took the time to share his initial impressions of it based on the updated demo, and welcomes you to join the discussion as well.

It's worth noting that ZombiePie have never seen a single episode of The Walking Dead.
It’s worth noting that ZombiePie have never seen a single episode of The Walking Dead.

Machete: An Analysis of The Walking Dead: Michonne (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 provides a deep analysis of The Walking Dead: Michonne, and the game’s depiction of Michonne throughout the game. This blog includes spoilers.

Wiki Project: Legend of the PC Engine ’91 & Sunday Summaries 25/09/2016 (By: @mento)

Milestones on the Giant Wiki and Dragon Quest Musou – read about what Mento spent hours of his free time doing this week.

Join the Discussion

This screencap came from isomeri! Check out even more Forza Horizon 3 action shots.
This screencap came from isomeri! Check out even more Forza Horizon 3 action shots.

Giant Bomb Logo Vinyl Group (By: @nuts4ford)

We now have a “Giant Bomb Logo Vinyl Group” for Forza Horizon 3! Share your wonderful creations in the game over here!

Forza Horizon 3: Photo Thread (By: @isomeri)

Have you taken any cool screencaps in Forza Horizon 3? Feel free to post them in our official photo sharing thread.

Favorite Cars in Forza Horizon 3 Discussion Thread (By: @baconhound)

Have you found your “favorite” car in Forza Horizon 3 yet? Share and discuss your dream car in the game thus far, and how you have decked it out.

Vote for's the only choice.
Vote for Warren…it’s the only choice.

Hitman – Episode 5: Colorado Discussion Thread (By: @stordoff)

What are your impressions of Hitman Episode 5? Share and discuss how Colorado has been treating you, and what strategies you have employed in tackling the level.

Best Old Character of 2016? (By: @mocbucket62)

Whether it’s Warren or Tom from Shenmue; what do you think is Giant Bomb’s “Best Old Character of 2016?” Vote now…but remember to vote for Warren.

League of Legends Worlds 2016 Discussion Thread (By: @kubqo)

Are you a League of Legends fan, and are following the Worlds 2016 event? Feel free to join our discussion about it with other Giant Bomb users now.

Lovable Lists

StealthRUSH’s Top 100 Favorite Puzzle Games (By: @stealthrush)

Check out StealthRUSH’s exhaustive list of his top 100 all time favorite puzzle games throughout the ages.

Useful User Review

This screencap was taken by GB user notnert427.
This screencap was taken by GB user notnert427.
  • @notnert427 assesses why he strongly feels that Forza Horizon 3 sets the bar for open world driving games in general on his review for the game.
  • @riostarwind re-visited the original Forza Horizon, and discusses how it set the standard for every future game in the genre.
  • @stordoff’s review of The Bunker assesses why it features the best use of FMV in 2016, and shouldn’t be missed.

Wonderful Wikis

Gears of War 4

The pending release of the latest entry in the Gears of War franchise has a number of people buzzing with excitement. Even if you aren’t one of them please take some time checking out our nicely done wiki page for the game.


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