The Community Spotlight – 09/24/2016

Many thanks to Matt for starting this up again.
Many thanks to Matt for starting this up again.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week. We had an oddly encouraging trend this week when you look at the best that the Giant Bomb Community had to offer: helping people. Whether it applies to trying to raise money for charity, helping newcomers enter the intimidating world of Destiny, or finally advising how players can become better healers in Overwatch; there was honest feeling of sincerity this week. All I can say is keep that up Giant Bomb, because that’s what we all want to see on the site! Anyways, let’s review the site-related housekeeping this week:

  • Extra-Life 2016 Giant Bomb Team (November 5th)! The community effort to get ready for Extra Life is here! Learn how you can help support the effort to raise money for charity RIGHT NOW!
  • After community requests to make it happen the mobile site now has the “Coming Up” section avilable to view on the frontpage.

Clip(s) of the Week

GiantBomb Animated: Enter A World Of Assassination (By: @lackingsaint)

LackingSaint returns with a quick, but hilarious, animated Giant Bomb video of Brad’s Hitman based singing.

Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run–14 (Part 130, “Judgement”) (By: @clagnaught)

Clagnaught’s latest “Best of Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 Endurance Run” video reminds you of the hard turnShin Megami Tensei: Persona 4’s story takes at the end.

Community Activities

It's time to really get off the road this week.
It’s time to really get off the road this week.

Giant Bomb Forza Race Night: Thursdays, 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET (By: @sushix)

We now have a Giant Bomb Forza Race Night group for Forza Horizon 3! Learn how you too can join the fun every Thursday!

Forza Horizon 3 Gamertag Sharing Thread (By: @adosegnaro)

Are you excited for Forza Horizon 3? Post your GamerTag over here, and be able to play the game with Giant Bomb users on the first day.

Giant Bomb Destiny Clans – Updated For Rise of Iron (By: @hestilllives19)

I’m going to drop a link to this again as a friendly reminder to any users that are wondering about which community Destiny clans are open to join for Rise of Iron.

What will the next expansion be called? What will the next expansion be called?
What will the next expansion be called? “Ascension of Copper?”

Annual Fantasy Hockey Group (By: @jlighthall)

Giant Bomb user JLighthall has created a 2016/2017 GB community fantasy NHL group! Click that link and participate in some stick based shenanigans.

Giant Bomb Galleria

Giant Bomb Animated Animation Frames (By: @lackingsaint)

Here are a handful of animation cells that LackingSaint posted to show you the painstaking detail he put into his latest animated Giant Bomb video.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Best of Blogs

Hestilllives19 guides try to prevent you from making the same mistakes he made in Destiny.
Hestilllives19 guides try to prevent you from making the same mistakes he made in Destiny.

Weapons, Stats, and Recommendations for PvE & PvP for Returning Guardians& How to Level Efficiently in Rise of Iron (By: @hestilllives19)

Are you interested in jumping back into Destiny in light of its latest expansion? Then check out Hestilllives19’s extensive guide on the best PvE & PvP weapons in Destiny right now for Rise of Iron, as well as his guide on the most effective leveling strategies in the game right now.

An Intermediate Guide to Supports, Part 2: Zenyatta and Ana (By: @cav829)

Cav829 has a new “intermediate” Overwatch guide for Zenyatta and Ana worth checking if you are looking to improve your game beyond that of the average peon.

Revisiting Puzzle Pirates, RimWorld Series, and Playing 2-Player Overcooked Solo (By: @mikelemmer)

MikeLemmer wrote a blog for every day of the week. Stop and think about that for a moment. Every day he was either updating you on his foray into RimWorld, Puzzle Pirates, and/or Overcooked!. The least you could do is read one of his blogs from the week.

Do you wish to improve your Zenyatta game in Overwatch? Then check out Cav829's latest blog!
Do you wish to improve your Zenyatta game in Overwatch? Then check out Cav829’s latest blog!

Going Overboard: Payday 2 (By: @sarumarine)

Sarumarine ended up playing his fair share of Payday 2this last week and you can discover what about the game drew him in, and why he feels as if he’s missing out on a part of the game.

Fighting Final Fantasy VII – Parts 121-154: It’s All About The Game, And How You Play It (By: @zombiepie)

Here’s a thirty-three page essay, written by a stupid idiot by the way, on the final act and lasting legacy of Final Fantasy VII. I’m finally free…for now.

Weekly Flounder: Conventional Morality Systems (By: @theflamingo352)

TheFlamingo352 continues his efforts to improve his writing with a blog on morality systems, as well as why he thinks morality bars get a bad rap in the video game industry.

Paul George Has Two First Names. Also NBA 2k17 Is Here (By: @jjweatherman)

NBA 2K17 is here, and you can read all about the game modes, mechanical changes, and overall production quality in the game on JJWeatherman’s latest blog.

Here's where I loudly wonder if Chaser324 already regrets his import racing game blog series.
Here’s where I loudly wonder if Chaser324 already regrets his import racing game blog series.

Imports Only Vol. 2 – Henshin A Go-Go, Baby! (Kamen Rider Games) (By: @chaser324)

The second part of Chaser324’s folly of trying to rank scientifically every import racing game is up. This week is all about the wonderful world of Kamen Rider, which apparently lends itself well to racing games… I think?

Backlog Weekend, 9/17/2016 (By: @majormitch)

MajorMitch ticked off a myriad of games from his backlog ranging from The Order: 1886 to Hohokum. Check out his blog to see which ones you should play over here.

Life-Imitating Art: Thoughts on Open-World Life-Sims & Sunday Summaries 18/09/2016: Divinity: Original Sin & Gravity Rush: Remastered (By: @mento)

Couple of blogs from moderator Mento this week. The first looks at the impact of GBEast’s favorite game Shenmue and those that build on its attempt to create a believable living world, while the second is his usual weekly update on his wiki activities, games he’s played and thoughts on the week’s new releases.

Join the Discussion

Did David Lynch make a video game? Check out our thread on Virginia to find out!
Did David Lynch make a video game? Check out our thread on Virginia to find out!

Rise of Iron Impressions (By: @theht)

Many of you have already sunk in dozens of hours intoDestiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron, so why not share what your early or formative impressions of what you have played? That doesn’t sound too far-fetched!

Virginia Discussion Thread (By: @geekdown)

It’s the indie thriller game that has a good amount of buzz surrounding it, and you are welcome to join the community in discussing your thoughts and impressions of it over here.

Persona 5 Import Impression Sharing Thread (By: @dudacles)

Did you end up importing a copy of Persona 5 last week? Well you would be, unsurprisingly I might add, in pleasant company! Feel free to discuss the story, gameplay, characters, and even spoilers on this thread.

Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
Do Androids dream of electric sheep?

Do You Find Yourself Buying Games Just To Support The Developers? (By: @davequirky)

Have you ever found yourself buying games just to support the developers? If so share and discuss your examples of video game altruism.

Is Handibot a Human or a Robot? (By: @snail)

Is Handibot, from the VR extravaganza Rec Room, a Human or a Robot? Vote and discuss the topic that has drawn practical battle lines within the Giant Bomb community this week. We’re fairly sure he’s not a sandwich, at least.

Killer Instinct Shadow Lords Discussion Thread (By: @mrcraggle)


What are your impressions of Shadow Lords in Killer Instinct? The Giant Bomb Killer Instinct community, andDave Lang, welcome you to share your thoughts pertaining to it.

Lovable Lists

Complete Monsters (By: @dylanintendisney)

dylanintendisney’s latest list examines the most notable irredeemable villains in video game history that truly define the word “monster.”

Useful User Reviews

It's a game based on everyone's favorite animated television show.
It’s a game based on everyone’s favorite animated television show.
  • @perfidioussinn’s Teeny Titans review extrapolates why the game is a treat to play, even for those who despise Teen Titans GO.
  • @vert_vermillion shares the rip-roaring fun adventures that he had with the Attack on Titan video game on his review.
  • @dinoracha assesses why Lovely Planet Arcade is an interesting platformer hampered by repetitive music and level design.
  • @morecowbell24 extrapolates why Nuclear Throne is fun “arcade action on an atomic scale,” on his review for the game.

Wonderful Wikis

Forza Horizon 3

It’s cars, trucks, and dune buggies this week as everyone revs their engines up for the latest entry in the Forza Horizon franchise.


Everyone’s favorite time sink has returned with a new expansion, Rise of Iron, that is sure to cause many of you to experience a sleepless night or several trying to complete raids and multiplayer instances. Feel free to check out its wiki page to read all about the many updates to the game.


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