The best ATX mid-tower PC cases

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Lots of ATX mid-towers can be very, very similar. Even from different manufacturers, the layouts and features generally stay the same. That’s why we fell in love with Cooler Master’s Master Case.

There’s a lot to say about Cooler Master’s new flagship case. We used it for a Build It at Maximum PC, and later went back to it for our Winter 2016 Turbo build. There’s a damn good reason for this.

Master Case Pro 5

The MasterCase series is does so many things right, it’s hard to find fault. The case offers great airflow, and a level of modularity that really hasn’t been matched in any other case of its class. On top of that the case has a subtle design that reminds me of stealth fighter or warship.  It’s not flashy, but it looks aggressive enough.

It’s worth noting that we’re recommending the MasterCase Pro 5, not the Master Case 5. The Pro version comes with a few extras that make it worth the extra $30. The cool thing about the Master Case 5 series is that you can buy extra parts separately.  You can buy a cheaper, more stripped-down version and upgrade it as you go. It’s an interesting concept, to say the least.

The MasterCase Pro 5 comes with a few items that set it apart from its base model: a windowed side panel, a radiator bracket for the top, and a top cover to accommodate the radiator up top.

It’s worth asking why we went with this upgrade as a pick instead of simply mounting a cooler up front (which works great, by the way). The answer is simple: more air flow. With the option of mounting the radiator up top, you can either keep the front fans in place to force more cool air over your drives and GPU, or mount a second radiator (like the NZXT Kraken) for cooling your GPUs. 

Master Case Pro 5 Guts

Aside from the cooling options, nearly everything can be removed or moved using thumb screws. That includes hard drive cages, the ODD cage, 2.5-inch rive mounts, the works.

Basically, there are few cases that offer this many options in one package, and fewer still that are this easy to build into. Both noobs and advanced builders alike will find something to love in this case.


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