The 11 greatest adjustments in Dwarf Fortress’ Steam launch

Dwarf Fortress screenshot of a wagon just after arriving at a new embark location. There are two cats and a dwarf in a tree nearby.

Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games by means of Polygon

With Dwarf Fortress’ Steam release, a couple of large points are various. For experienced gamers, it could spend some time to readjust. Below, we’ll provide you the 11 greatest adjustments we discovered after placing a quarantined-with-COVID quantity of hrs right into the initial variation as well as concerning 40 hrs right into the Steam launch.

There’s a tutorial as well as the assistance is a lot more valuable

The enhancement of a tutorial to Dwarf Fortress is a large bargain. There has actually never ever been a tutorial prior to. For almost 20 years currently, gamers were discarded right into the game without description as well as entrusted to arrange with the game’s famous intricacy by themselves (or with a whole lot helpful from the main wiki). This is why Dwarf Fortress‘ discovering contour is called a learning cliff.

The brand-new guide strolls you with the very first couple of actions of your very first citadel as well as assists you find out the technicians. You can also return to it later on.

Dwarf Fortress’ new tutorial and help menus.

There’s a tutorial currently!
Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games by means of Polygon

Even if you shut it, you can reactivate as well as communicate with the tutorial any time from the assistance food selection. Beyond that, the assistance food selection has actually been restructured right into something much a lot more easily accessible as well as valuable.

Graphics, certainly

Aside from the enhancement of a tutorial, the greatest modification to Dwarf Fortress is aesthetic– because there are visuals currently. Sure, several of the allure of Dwarf Fortress has actually been the … allow’s call it unusual nature of the ASCII graphics. But the brand-new graphics– brand-new tilesets offered by Mayday as well as Ironhand— are a welcome enhancement.

This visual redesign includes the food selections also. Instead of simply transforming, text-based listings, there are plunging food selections with valuable symbols. Let’s discuss the food selections, in fact.

Menus make even more feeling

Most of Dwarf Fortress‘ food selections have actually been reorganized in sensible means. Frustratingly, this in some way makes it a lot more complex if you’re utilized to the old variation.

Let’s begin with what utilized to be Designations (d) The subcategories have actually been burst out right into their very own food selections with their very own symbols. Now, there’s a different food selection for Digging (m), Tree Chopping (l), Plant Gathering (g), Smoothing as well as inscription (v), as well as Removing Orders (x) Designating things for Dumping as well as Smelting (i) remains in it’s very own food selection also.

Dwarf Fortress screenshot with several nested menus related to building workshops and farms.

The revamped Build food selection.
Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games by means of Polygon

Building points with b is a great deal a lot more arranged currently, because it’s arranged in any way. Military building and constructions like Armor Stands as well as Archery Targets obtain their very own sub-menu currently. Doors as well as Hatches have their very own also.

Workshops have actually additionally been reorganized. Looms as well as Leather Workshops are submitted under their very own sub-heading of, realistically, Clothing as well as Leather (although the Tanner is under Farming). The sub-heading Farming covers whatever else food-related like Stills, Kitchens, as well asQuerns (Interestingly, Millstones are not consisted of in Farming Workshops, as well as are currently situated under the Machines/Fluids food selection together with Wells as well as Levers.)

Over in the lower left of the display, you’ll have symbols for Creatures, Tasks, Places, Labor, Work Orders, Nobles, Objects, as well as Justice– all food selections you might access previously, today they’re done in one easy-to-click location.

Some Workshops have actually transformed

One various other easy modification under the Workshops food selection is that Mason has actually been relabelled toStoneworker This does not truly transform anything– it’ll simply take you a 2nd to locate it if you’re searching for the incorrect name.

A larger modification right here is the enhancement of the Vermin Catcher’sShop This brand-new workshop manages the Capture Live Land Animal task that utilized to be located in Kennels as well as Butchers.

Speaking of Kennels, those do not exist any longer.

Many of the key-board faster ways have actually transformed

Not every key-board faster way in various in the Steam versus of Dwarf Fortress, yet sufficient of them are that it’s mosting likely to take a little bit to relearn if you’re utilized to the vanilla variation.

The initially instance you’ll encounter is that mining is no more d>> d– rather, it’s m>> m. Or, because Tree Chopping obtains it’s very own food selection currently, you mark a location simply by striking l rather than d > > l like previously.

Many of the Workshops in the develop food selection (which is o rather than w) have various faster ways, also– Carpenter is p, as an example, as well as a Kitchen is one food selection much deeper under Farming (f) as well as has the faster way k.

If you’re a Dwarf Fortress expert, take your time to find out the brand-new faster ways– there are valuable tooltips that turn up when you float the computer mouse over any type of provided symbol– rather than attempting to advance with the commands you (believe you) understand.

Un- assigning mining is a various command currently

We stated this earlier, yet it births duplicating since it’s a weird sticking factor for us: you can not go right from assigning a mining location to getting rid of that classification. In the Steam variation, you need to shut the mining food selection– by right-clicking or striking esc– and afterwards open up the get rid of classification food selection with x to begin eliminating those marked blocks.

One factor this is discouraging is that the keyboard-controlled arrow no more remembers its place in between food selections, so you’ll need to rearrange it whenever.

Stairs are easier

Speaking of mining, stairways have actually transformed a little. Instead of various stairways for up, down, as well as up/down, there is currently just one sort of staircase. You begin as well as quit them on various degrees, as well as the ideal stairways complete immediately. You do still have the alternative to develop stairways also with Build (b) > > Constructions (n) > > Stairs (t). The design functions the like excavating stairways.

Controlling Labor as well as abilities is a lot various

Dwarf Fortress‘, truthfully, ambiguous Labor as well as Skills food selection( s) have actually been quite significantly revamped. Instead of taking care of each dwarf straight– or perhaps indirectly by utilizing attachments like DFHack or Dwarf Therapist– there’s a straightforward food selection currently.

The Dwarf Fortress Labor menu.

Controlling Labor as well as Skills is a great deal a lot more streamlined currently.
Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games by means of Polygon

Labors are organized in wide classifications like Miners, Woodcutters, as well asHaulers For each classification, you’ve obtained the alternative to allow any individual get a work (Everybody does this), choose the dwarves that do it (Only picked do this), as well as restrict any type of dwarf from doing it (Nobody does this).

If you intend to dig much deeper to manage even more particular jobs like that does Tanning, Gem Cutting, or Cleaning, you’ll need to Add a brand-new job information as well as manage it in this way.

Announcements as well as records have actually relocated

Dwarf Fortress screenshot with an announcement that a yak bull is fighting.

“Fighting” consists of when you mistakenly go down a tree on a yak.
Image: Bay 12 Games/Kitfox Games by means of Polygon

Announcements as well as Reports currently turn up as signals with symbols in the top left of your display. They’re also organized by classification. This makes them function a great deal even more like any type of various other RTS.

Using a computer mouse is not optional

While whatever in vanilla Dwarf Fortress was dealt with by means of the key-board, there are some commands as well as technicians that simply do not have the alternative for key-board input anymore.

Some building and constructions– like Stockpiles– need you to click the food selection symbol to develop them. Similarly, you can not position Stockpiles with the arrow as well as arrowhead tricks. Creating Zones coincides– you’ll require to make use of the computer mouse to choose what sort of area you’re making as well as to position it.

It’s unclear if this is a pest, not executed yet, or a deliberate choice. On that keep in mind …

There are still some pests to exercise

To be clear, we have not run into any type of game- damaging pests as well as the game in fact runs far better than ever before, yet some points simply do not rather function right. If you’re positioning a flooring or a bridge, as an example, there’s no indicator of where the flooring is as you drag out the form. It’s simple sufficient to function around it, yet it’s a little uncomfortable because you can not in fact see what you’re doing.

Have a little perseverance as the game remains to create. It took us 20 years to obtain right here, nevertheless.


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