Struggle for Uranium


The start of the new “Ravagers Ascension” season and the rework of the energy supply and energy consumption systems are not the only things to look forward to in the upcoming major update. There is also something brand new and long-awaited coming to the Wasteland: a way to earn uranium ore outside the Clan wars!

We remind you that all the features described in this news article may be changed / improved / removed from the final version of the event. 

What is the “Battle for uranium”?

“Battle for uranium” is a temporary event planned for launch in a few days after the start of the new “Ravagers Ascension” season. You’ll need to fulfill a number of conditions to participate in the event, so we thought it would be best to give you a chance to prepare, and so we are sharing the information ahead of time.

When will it be held and for how long?

The familiar “Clan confrontation” will be replaced with the “Uranium wars” for one week. This mode will completely replace the “Confrontation” for a week and will be held in the same time intervals.

What are the features and rules of the event?

The basic rules will remain the same: “4 vs 4” PvP battles in rounds that last until the first victory, and you must be a member of a clan of any level to participate. You can enter the battle as part of a group or alone. You can prepare up to 3 armoured vehicles for the battle, one of which can be selected at the beginning of the battle.

The main feature is that you raise your personal rating in the “Uranium wars” and move up the leaderboard in the same way as in the recent “Enemy in reflection” event. Depending on your final ranking, you may receive a certain amount of uranium ore. In addition to your final score, uranium ore will also be awarded for advancing to certain leagues, but the main battle will be for the places in the top league: that’s where you’ll get the biggest rewards.

During the event, you will have access to 2 variants of “Uranium wars”: battles for vehicles from 7000 to 8000 PS and battles for vehicles from 12000 to 13000 PS. We advise you to prepare your vehicles in advance: there never was such an opportunity to get uranium ore before, and you definitely shouldn’t miss it!

We will be sure to share the exact dates of the event in the upcoming patchnotes. We look forward to seeing you at our traditional update livestream next week!