Spider-Man: the 20 million sales exceeded?

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Spider-Man: the 20 million sales exceeded?

At the last news, that is to say in August 2019, we learned that the owl Marvel’s Spider-Man had sold 13.2 million copies: a staggering score which is obviously delighted by Sony like Insomniac Games, the stand-alone Miles Morales has just been released. Today, according to the LinkedIn CV of David Bull, the Global Marketing Leader of PlayStation, the adventure of Peter Parker has crossed the iconic bar of … twenty million sales. Yes, there, it starts to talk.

However, Sony or the developers have not yet formalized the thing properly, we will be content to take tweezers, human error can never be ruled out. But if Spider-Man has indeed found more than twenty million takers, then it would be one of the best-selling PlayStation exclusives of all time, behind The Last of Us which, through its PS3 and PS4 version , has also exceeded this symbolic milestone. Figures that make you dizzy.


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