Специалисты iFixit полностью разобрали Apple Vision ProВнутри всё очень технолог..

The experts at iFixit have fully disassembled the Apple Vision Pro

The inside is very technical and beautiful. The first thing needed is to remove the exterior protective glass. To do so, it is necessary to heat the surface with a hairdryer, then the glass can be removed without causing damage. However, it turns out that there is a plastic protective film on the surface that was slightly melted and flaked off due to the heating. iFixit believes that if you work faster, you can dissemble it without damaging the film.

The battery pack consists of three batteries with a capacity of 3166 mAh each, which are interconnected. Each weighs 184g, which is only half of the weight of the assembled pack – over a kilogram in total.

The side brackets, which hold the speakers, are detached from the headset body using an iPhone sim-card clip, as is the wire from the battery. Inside there is a connector, which is similar to a huge Lightning.

iFixit has not yet given the headset a reparability score: there are so many nuances inside, that the experts decided to divide the analysis of the disassembly into two parts. You can learn more about the other details on the company’s website.

Perhaps, Apple Vision Pro has already earned the title of mixed reality headset with the most beautiful interior device. As for everything else, it remains to be seen. We’ll release a review soon!

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