Слух: iOS 18 может получить интерфейс в стиле visionOSВ отчёте The Verifier утве..

Rumor: iOS 18 may adopt a visionOS style interface

The Verifier’s report suggests that iOS 18 will undergo a major redesign that includes rounded corners, shadows, and semi-transparent windows, resembling the Apple Vision Pro operating system.

9to5Mac advises caution regarding this information, since The Verifier has a mixed reputation. Additionally, Apple is known for not blending the design languages of its different operating systems (shadows from macOS or rounded icons from watchOS have never appeared in iOS).

According to 9to5Mac, if Apple borrows any design elements from visionOS, they are likely to migrate to tvOS, as the interfacing OS with larger windows is more suited for such a move.

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