Слух: Apple может выпустить сразу пять версий iPhone 16Нижняя граница линейки бу..

Rumor: Apple could release five versions of iPhone 16

The lower range line will be represented by the models 16 SE and 16 Plus SE with 6.1″ and 6.7″ screens respectively with a 60Hz frequency and dynamic island, a single primary camera and smaller batteries compared to older models in the same size.

The middle of the line will be occupied by the standard iPhone 16 with two main cameras, larger battery and 6.3″ screen with 120Hz. What’s strange, according to this report, there won’t be a 16 Plus model.

The flagship models of the line, the 16 Pro (6.3″) and 16 Pro Max (6.9″), will get all the top features including three cameras, LiDAR, largest batteries and most likely, the most powerful processor.

The information was shared by credible insider Majin Boo. He notes that the data needs to be verified. Boo can only confirm that Apple is indeed developing an iPhone with a single camera and dynamic island.

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