Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Where to search out extra Divine Confetti and Snapseeds

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As you make your means by means of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you’re going to come back up towards difficult enemies that appear unimaginable to beat at first. But, in true FromSoftware vogue, a little bit perseverance (nicely, so much truly) goes a good distance, and there are gadgets on the market that may aid you. But additionally in true FromSoftware vogue, lots of these things are restricted use and may run out. Two widespread ones are Divine Confetti and Snapseeds – so right here’s the place we’ve discovered extra.

You can seize extra Divine Confetti and Snapseeds as flooring gadgets, in addition to farm the previous from sure enemies.

Towards the top of each paragraphs we’ll talk about a late-game mechanic and enemy, so for those who don’t wish to know something, think about this a spoiler warning.

Where to search out extra Divine Confetti

To lay your fingers on extra of this heavenly ticker tape, you’ve gotten three choices relying on the place you might be within the game. Most doubtless you’re making an attempt to take down the cruel terror that’s the Headless, but it surely works on the Shichimen Warrior within the Abandoned Dungeon and O’Rin of the Water too.

The first choice is to search out extra on the bottom. In the early game, this may be accomplished within the Hirata Estate. Once you’ve reached the Hirata Estate – Main Hall Shrine, you’ll be able to observe the trail round till you attain a big group of enemies, killing a lone archer in your means. Clear out the enemies, and also you’ll see and open door a constructing in your proper – inside you’ll discover 2 Divine Confetti.

Then, after you’ve overwhelmed Juzou the Drunkard, you’ll be able to go into the Audience Chamber space. On the left-hand facet as you enter you’ll see two enemies. Over on this hallway there’s a wall which you could hug to allow you to right into a secret room. Inside you’ll discover a Prayer Bead and a few extra Divine Confetti.

Your second choice with Divine Confetti is to farm extra as drops from enemies. The blue-robed samurai within the Upper Tower space of Ashina Castle have a uncommon likelihood to drop extra, so make your means between the Antechamber and the Dojo Shrines, killing all of them, then resting at every shrine. Make positive you utilize a Mibu Possession Balloon to extend your probabilities. This can also be place to farm expertise for Skill Points when you’ve acquired the Dancing Dragon Mask.

We’ve embedded a video from YouTuber Trevor Eriksen under, exhibiting the route:

Finally, you’ll be able to simply purchase extra Divine Confetti from Fujioka the Merchant who takes up residence on the Dilapidated Temple after you’ve cleared the entrance of Ashina Castle. In the late game, when you’ve defeated the True Corrupted Monk and gained the Dragon Tally Board, he’ll have an infinite provide which you could simply preserve buying.

Where to search out extra Snapseeds

The predominant use of Snapseeds is to dispel the apparitions conjured by Lady Butterfly within the second section of her struggle, however you too can use them in a while to get free hits in on the Spirit model of the Corrupted Monk.

The best place to seize an honest quantity extra Snapseeds is the valley the place you met the Giant Snake. Make your method to the place you hid within the palanquin to stab him in his little snakey eye. If you’ve already been by means of the world, he received’t be there once more so don’t fear about getting eaten.

At the highest of the hill close to to the palanquin, there’s a flooring merchandise – this can be a cache of 5 Snapseeds.

If you want extra within the later game, you’ll find some within the Gun Fort within the Sunken Valley, in addition to the Mist Noble’s temple within the Ashina Depths.

Again, when you’ve overwhelmed the true Corrupted Monk, you’ll be capable of purchase Snapseeds from Fujioka.

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