Sea of Thieves period 7 allows Captains kip down a complete ship’s well worth of loot in secs

The huge Captaincy upgrade makes kipping down loot means much less difficult for shipowners

Sea of Thieves Captaincy update docked ships Rare image
(Image credit report: Xbox Game Studios)

Sea of Thieves’ huge Captaincy upgrade is ultimately live as component of period 7, and also gamers are finding a substantial shock advantage to ending up being a shipowner: there’s a brand-new and also much faster means to transfer prize from your ship that makes offering loot means, means much less difficult.

The most anxiety-inducing component of having fun Sea of Thieves is when you have a complete ship’s well worth of loot and also you’re at a station with a mind to offer all of it for a lot of money. In the quantity of time it requires to bring every one of your prize, one item at once, from your ship to the numerous sellers at the station, there’s a likelihood an aggressive staff will certainly have boarded your secured ship to steel your hard-earned loot and also leave your happy vessel sinking to the sea flooring.

However, Sea of Thieves gamers that’ve just recently bought their very own ships are identifying there’s a clutch brand-new technique to significantly lower the moment it requires to offer loot, and also therefore stay clear of the entire scenario I simply explained. See, shipowners are approved accessibility to the brand-new Sovereign intrigue of sellers, which is basically a one-stop buy Captains to offer all issue of loot. That’s right, you do not require to visit various sellers to offer your loot any longer, not as long as you’re the proprietor of a ship. And even better, simply over the Sovereign’s store is a system with an installed harpoon, which you can utilize to recover products from your ship with document effectiveness.

If you have not created exactly what that indicates for brand-new Captains in Sea of Thieves, look into this mind-blowing presentation from MashedPotatoh on Reddit:

fastest_way_to_sell from r/Seaofthieves

This includes an entire brand-new energy to being a Captain I was completely not anticipating, and also it’s evident Rare constructed it right into period 7 purposefully. I can not envision any kind of various other factor for putting a set of harpoons onto a raised system other than to offer worried nellies like me a break when attempting to squander at a station. And to that I claim a grizzled, yo-ho-ho!

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