Review: Amnesia: Rebirth Review – The Fine Line Between Fear And Frustration

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After archeologist Tasi Trianon’s aircraft crashes within the Algerian desert, she units off on a journey throughout the sweltering sands in quest of assist. However, Tasi shortly discovers that there are holes in her reminiscence. As she slowly uncovers the stays of her fellow occasion, she places collectively the items of her fragmented previous. Tasi’s suppressed reminiscences are nearly as horrifying because the ghoulish creatures that now stalk her from the shadows. Tasi’s journey is among the most intense experiences I’ve had in a very long time. Unfortunately, Amnesia: Rebirth’s puzzle design is equally as terrifying.

Much like in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, gentle is your best instrument. As you assist Tasi seek for security, you wander by desert caves, historic burial tombs, and mysterious archeological websites. Light bounces round weird rock formations in unsettling methods and unknown creatures skitter round contained in the partitions, which by no means fails to ship a shiver up my backbone. Almost all the environments are dimly lit, so your tiny lantern and no matter dwindling provide of matches you scavenge from the surroundings are a relentless consolation.

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As you progress by the darkness, Tasi’s concern ranges rise. As they construct, she begins to listen to whispers at midnight. These voices are fully fabricated, however they nonetheless make it exhausting to not run towards the sunshine. When Tasi’s concern will get uncontrolled, she begins to see flashes of grotesque photographs, which really feel like low cost bounce scares. Even so, they’re extremely efficient at getting the guts racing. Whether I used to be exploring an deserted oasis city or sneaking previous a gaggle of sleeping monsters, Amnesia: Rebirth frequently produced one pulse-pounding sequence after the subsequent. It would not assist that Tasi has no option to struggle again; whenever you see an enemy, your two selections are run or cover. This powerlessness despatched my very own concern ranges by the roof.  

Praising Amnesia: Rebirth as a horror expertise is simple. As a game, nevertheless, it comes up brief in lots of areas. One of the largest issues is its puzzles, which shake up the pacing and reset the stress, although they falter as standalone diversions. As I explored Amnesia: Rebirth’s world, the game was usually unclear about my targets or the steps I wanted to take to progress. For instance, one puzzle asks you to connect the wheels to a cannon after which push it down a ramp to smash by a rotted ground. The game by no means clearly communicated that purpose, so I spent almost an hour exploring a totally totally different ground of the constructing. The environments are additionally so dim and maze-like which you can simply miss your goal, even when you realize what you’re in search of. I commonly looped by environments 4 or 5 instances earlier than I might stumble throughout no matter I wanted to progress. Feeling trapped and questioning if the game had bugged out on me crammed me with almost as a lot anxiousness because the creatures looking me.

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Amnesia: Rebirth’s irritating puzzles undercut its horror, however bizarrely, so do its monster encounters. Amnesia: Rebirth options a number of otherworldly creatures who stalk Tasi by a collection of dank caverns, and these creatures scamper by the shadows in more and more unnerving methods. But the deeper I progressed into the story, the extra I felt like these monstrosities had been pulling their punches. Enemies usually flip away out of your place on the final second, are extremely straightforward to outrun, and lose curiosity in you shortly. Even whenever you do get caught, the repercussions aren’t steep; Tasi wrestles with the creatures and then you definitely see a cutscene of her working again to a secure house, which is normally just some rooms again. There are not any game-over screens and Tasi seemingly can’t die. That’s good from a comfort perspective, nevertheless it takes a number of the tooth out of the horror.

Even after I felt like I’d seen behind the scenes and knew how the equipment labored, I nonetheless moved timidly by Amnesia: Rebirth’s world, which is a testomony to Frictional Games’ very good environmental design and sound work. Tasi Trianon’s journey is a surprisingly emotional rollercoaster, and I’m glad I noticed that story to the top. The cave filled with horrifying monsters I might cope with, however I by no means wish to see these infuriating puzzles once more.

Score: 7.5

Summary: Amnesia: Rebirth is extremely intense, however its puzzle design is equally terrifying.

Concept: A girl crash-lands within the Algerian desert and has to outrun the monsters chasing her earlier than she goes insane

Graphics: The eerie underground caves and otherworldly panorama are splendidly realized, however the different people and monsters you encounter might use a bit of extra element

Sound: Easily top-of-the-line elements of the game; Rebirth’s haunting soundtrack and ambient results do a spectacular job placing you on edge even whenever you’re clearly not in peril

Playability: Moving by the world is straightforward and simple, however interactive objects are typically obscured, and the puzzles may be obtuse

Entertainment: If you’re in search of scare, Amnesia: Rebirth delivers, however put together to really feel misplaced and confused alongside the best way

Replay: Moderately Low

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