Resident Evil Village: on PS5, there will be almost no loading times

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Resident Evil Village: on PS5, there will be almost no loading times

Definitely, Resident Evil 8 Village is at the heart of the news, since not a week goes by without talking about the next game from Capcom laboratories. A few days after the leak at the end of the game, then the reveal of Lady Dimitrescu’s size (2.9 meters, we remind you), we have just learned that the PS5 version will take advantage of the new capabilities of the next gen console ‘from Sony. This will result once the game launched with almost no load times. At least that’s what Pete Fabiano, one of the game’s producers, said in an interview with PlayStation Magazine UK. Thanks to the magic SSD of the PS5, these non-existent loadings will promote this feeling of total immersion for the player. But that’s not all, as Resident Evil 8 Village will use the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech at 100%, allowing sound to come out from all sides, and again giving the player a literal heartbeat. of action. The DualSense will also be used thanks to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Finally, to teaser a little more, Pete Fabiano specifies that the lifespan of the game will be more impressive than that of Resident Evil 7 which ended in a dozen hours of play. He explains that the duration can increase significantly depending on the chosen difficulty, but also the desire or not to explore the game. A classic what.

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