Raft Utopia anchors, electric lines, and also pipelines walkthrough

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Utopia, a sunken city rebuilt on the water, in Raft

Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games using Johnny Yu for Polygon

Utopia, the 7th tale island in Raft, is intended to be the drifting guaranteed island, yet it’s full of lurking hyenas waiting to search you down. You get to an unoccupied hotel just to figure out the private citizens have actually been secured away. With our Utopia overview, you’ll obtain one action more detailed to saving the private citizens and also recovering the island heaven.

For Utopia, you’ll require a Zipline Tool to proceed the tale.

Uncover Detto’s codes from the dust

A drawing showing where to dig up hidden map codes

Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games using Johnny Yu for Polygon

Once you get to Utopia, make your method to Detto’s home, a yellow structure with a tower that is bordered by farmland. At Detto’s home, a map will certainly reveal you where Detto’s codes are hidden. Grab the shovel and also note beside the map, and also collect the codes at the circled around areas. If you neglect where the codes are concealed, open your note pad to see the map.

After discovering the codes, go back to your house and also unlock. Collect the harpoon and also Big Backpack Blueprint within. Be the water pump leaving ‘s home, head in the direction of the structures on the. The skeptical of the Search hyenas that wander around this location as they’ll drag you around the island. just method to launch on your own is to assault them, so maintain a tool convenient! Not for 5 If electric wires

A map marking where to find several electrical cables in Raft

Image spread around to power the water pump. Redbeet Interactive every one of the electric wires come from the very beginning, so use the pet crates to get to greater areas. Axolot Games you’re having difficulty, discover the electric wires at the significant areas in the photo listed below.Johnny Yu: Polygon

After/Dragging using Zipline for If gathering 5 electric wires, attach the generators making use of the electric messages on the roofing systems.

A map connecting electrical poles from the top down

Image an electric cable television and also ziplining at the exact same time is difficult, so pile the pet crates to get to the highest structure with ziplines on the roof covering. Redbeet Interactive in the direction of the much shorter structures, and also drag the wires back up to the blog post on the taller structure. Axolot Games you’re having difficulty discovering where to put the wires, utilize the photo listed below for aid.Johnny Yu: Polygon


Once using Rotate for Repeat up the water storage tankIf the water pump has power, water will certainly stream to 3 revolving pipeline challenges.

When/ using for Grab done appropriately, the water storage tank will certainly full of water, and also increase the Detto co2 cylinder

Zipline to the top. Entrance Keys

Take the cylinder, and also go back to Zipline’s home.Entrance Key to the Hop the stairways to the top of the tower, and also release the harpoon! Follow throughout, and also fetch the Entrance Keys on the table. Master Key outside the damaged glass, and also zipline down in the direction of the structures. Fetch the course past eviction that needs 2 , and also head in the direction of the larger structure around the bend that needs aEntrance Key


Source 2nd Polygon

on the actions of the structure, and also go back to eviction to continue up the towers.(*)
(*): (*).

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