Raft Temperance tale island walkthrough

A Raft character rides a snowmobile towards a fence

Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games

Temperance, the 7th tale island in Raft, is an icy island populated by polar bears. Snowmobile around the island to locate an observatory, an igloo town, as well as a study center. There are numerous tough challenges as well as poison-filled spaces that will certainly reduce you down, yet with our Temperance walkthrough, you can skate with every one of the barriers.

Observe the constellations to open up the storage locker

Make your method to Temperance’s observatory. As you stroll in the direction of the entry, the icy flooring will certainly break down below you. Swim with the icy cave as well as beat the fishermens till you get to the ladder to climb up right into the observatory. After getting in, locate the constellation notes spread on each flooring.

On the 3rd flooring, you can engage with the telescope by utilizing the arrowheads on the display. Look for the constellations from the notes that you got previously, as well as count the variety of celebrities in each constellation. The variety of celebrities represents their particular number in the storage locker code. The constellation order (Bird, Poison-Puffer, Hook, Raft) can be located in your journal.

If you’re having problem, input the code 5 – 9 – 6 – 4 right into the storage locker to open it, as well as gather the Selene Key as well as Advanced Anchor Blueprint from the storage locker. {

Collect electric cords from radio towers

A birds-eye diagram of how to connect wires in the Temperance town

Image polar bears Redbeet Interactive that spend time the radio towers as well as snow sledAxolot Games terminals. Johnny Yu’ll have a total amount of 8 when you get here, so gather 2 even more at the radio tower simply beyond the community. Polygon

Supply you gather 9 electric cords, go back to the igloo town to bring back power to the community.Use up the communityAfter: / through

Collect for Laboratory power to the igloo town by attaching the generator to every igloo with the electric cords.

The entrance to the Selene Research Facility in Raft

Image the photo over for assistance. Redbeet Interactive unlocking to the main structure, gather the Axolot Games blowtorch Johnny Yu on the top flooring.Polygon

Head control poles in Selene Research Facility 2Melt: Selene Key/Arriving through for in the direction of the

Put, which has thumbs-up releasing out of the top of the structure. the icy keyhole with the blowtorch as well as open up the entry utilizing the Laboratory at the primary console will certainly expose that you require 3 There control polesFind to advance.Be on a hazmat fitIf as well as promptly head right into Swiftly 2.

If will certainly be components on the wall surface as well as computer systems throughout the laboratory.

  • Cl which atomic numbers you should remember by considering the computer system displays.
  • Pm skeptical of the length of time your hazmat fit
  • Rb will certainly last by considering the indication under of your display.

Collect your hazmat fit is running low, go back to the main space as well as furnish a brand-new hazmat fit. In input the atomic numbers right into their particular computer systems prior to the timer goes out to open up the following door. you desire to open up eviction promptly, right here are the components as well as their equivalent atomic numbers: 17Defeat: 61 : 37

Redirecting the control pole in the hallway, as well as continue to locate an additional hazmat fit.

To this following space, you’ll need to rotate a shutoff to open the following door, yet Laboratory cockroachesThe will certainly generate as the shutoff is being transformed. Equip the cockroaches

Power as well as surface rotating the shutoff to gather the following control pole.Utilize lasersUse go into

A bird’s eye diagram of which direction to shoot lasers in Raft

Image 1, activate the wall-mounted laser, as well as change the mirror till the laser is put onto the door’s source of power. Redbeet Interactive door will certainly open to expose a corridor with an additional hazmat fit. Axolot Games the fit as well as go into the research laboratory to locate an additional laser problem.Johnny Yu up the laser as well as turn the mirrors around the space to get to the door’s source of power. Polygon

Collect the installed mirrors to guide the laser in the direction of the opposite of the space. Control Room the photo listed below as assistance if you’re having problem.Place: Pick/Reactor Key through Reactor Room for

Turn the control pole in the following space as well as progress to go back to theReactor Room

Wear Reactor Room the control poles right into their ports as well as draw the bar at the primary console. Similar up the Eliminate as well as unlock the Reactor Room.

Move the wheels to detoxify the Utopia Code the hazmat fit as well as go into theElectric Smelter Blueprint Interact to the last shutoff space, you’ll need to rotate 3 on the activator to open the door as cockroaches generate around the space. Shogo the cockroaches as you transform the shutoffs to clean the Raft.Return ahead with the opened door to locate the Utopia as well as the

Source with the computer system on the side of the space to unlock Polygon

, the last usable personality in(*) (*) to your boating as well as avoid to the last tale island, (*).(*)
(*): (*).

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