Puma Reveals Final Fantasy 14 Shoes

final fantasy xiv shoes 14 Japan only

Puma has actually revealed a brand-new footwear collection influenced by the preferred MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. 

The partnership will certainly contain 4 footwear: 2 Puma Slipstream versions as well as 2 RS-X versions, as reported by Techraptor. For each design kind, there’s a (Warrior of) Light variation as well as a Dark variation, which generally relates to white as well as blue, as well as black as well as purple-pink. All 4 of the footwear look wonderful however prior to you obtain also affixed, these footwear are Japan-just in the meantime. There’s no word on if they’ll pertain to the U.S. 

Check out the footwear in the gallery listed below: 


Each of these footwear will certainly set you back 17,050 yen, which is about $125, according to Techraptor. They will certainly be launched in Japan following week on March 15. 

Shoes influenced by video clip games have actually climbed in appeal, with Converse releasing two sets of Pokémon-inspired footwear in 2014. Perhaps greater than any kind of various other footwear manufacturer, however, Puma has actually been gradually launching video clip game footwear. In 2018, it launched a set of tennis shoes based upon Sonic the Hedgehog’s iconic red shoes and after that in 2020, Puma released a line of Super Mario All-Stars shoes. Puma revealed some NBA 2K21 shoes in 2021 and after that simply 2 months later on, the company revealed an Animal Crossing: New Horizons line of sneakers

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[Source: Techraptor]

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