Prey is a sport about defying the gamer’s expectations – listed here are 5 methods it does it

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Considering it’s coming from the identical developer as Dishonored, it comes as no shock that Prey is stuffed with creative toys to play with. Like Corvo, protagonist Morgan Yu has a tiny collection of standard weaponry, bolstered by a a lot wider array of attention-grabbing instruments and powers. From psychic vitality bolts to grenades that flip enemies into crafting supplies, there are dozens of incredible gadgets aboard the Talos-1 house station, and I’m going to shine a highlight on just a few of the very best ones I’ve seen to date.

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One of essentially the most spectacular issues about Prey is the way it defies expectations. Like the mimic enemies, issues might not work within the method their look suggests. Mechanics you’ve seen in different video games have distinctive spins and attention-grabbing developments. These are the 5 most attention-grabbing examples I noticed throughout a current hands-on preview.

GLOO cannon

Prey GLOO gun

Looks like: a hearth extinguisher
Is really: a stun gun, a terrain-crafter, a restore software, and a hearth extinguisher 

It feels prefer it’s been a very long time since anybody took apparent inspiration from Valve, however Prey’s GLOO cannon may be very clearly Arkane’s reply to the gravity and portal weapons. Despite the identify, it’s neither a cannon nor a software used to stick gadgets collectively. The crimson casing and hose-fed nozzle suggests it’s a hearth extinguisher, and it may certainly be used to douse flames. This is only one of it’s many makes use of, nonetheless. The increasing foam it sprays shortly solidifies upon contact, and so is right for patching up leaking fuel pipes, making uncovered wires protected, and even blocking up doorways with. 

Most impressively, GLOO may also be used to create your personal terrain. The foam can’t persist with itself, however will cling to virtually every other floor. This means you may spray traces of GLOO throughout partitions after which climb it like a staircase. Distant vents and doorways are by no means out of bounds offered you’ve received sufficient GLOO. 

If you’re insistent on utilizing this software as a gun, you are able to do that too. GLOO will coat enemy typhons and lure them in place, permitting you to beat them to demise along with your wrench. It’s not fairly as simple at it sounds, although; something stronger than a small mimic can get away of that non permanent GLOO binding, given sufficient time.    

Recycler Charge

Prey Recycler charge

Looks like: a hand-held, throwable fragmentation explosive
Is really: a tiny conversion manufacturing facility with black gap know-how

Recycler fees look superb. They’re nearly like miniaturised Arkane environments; a bit ball of dense element and lavish design. I really like that there’s a heatsink and fan protruding from the aspect, gently spinning to maintain its core cool. Why would a grenade want cooling, you ask? Well, as a result of it’s not a explosive however an itsy-bitsy recycling plant inside a bauble. When thrown it opens up a black gap that sucks in the whole lot round it – tables, coffee-mugs, even enemies – and shortly converts it into uncooked supplies. These ensuing gadgets, satisfyingly, come out of the singularity because it closes, bouncing to the ground like a toddler’s deserted Lego equipment. 

The recycler is the very best instance of what Prey does greatest; meshing fiction with mechanics. Dead Space solid you as an engineer reasonably than a soldier, and all its weapons have been repurposed instruments. However, they have been all, essentially, weapons. Prey’s scientific setting signifies that standard weaponry is uncommon, and so Morgan should depend on much more experimental gadgets. While the recycler does operate as a grenade – the whole lot in a radius is destroyed – the fiction gives it an opportunity to do one thing else. That one thing else then instantly feeds into one other mechanic, particularly Prey’s crafting system. With only one merchandise Arkane have created a satisfying gameplay loop. 

Huntress Boltcaster

Prey boltcaster

Looks like: a deadly crossbow
Is really: an entertaining toy for ages six and up

With a reputation just like the Huntress Boltcaster, I used to be anticipating Prey’s crossbow to be a pin-’em-to-the-wall lethal delight. Imagine my shock, then, after I found that its bolts merely bounced off the heads of enemy phantoms. This isn’t as a result of phantoms are tremendous robust (nicely they’re, however not made-of-titanium robust), however as a result of the boltcaster really shoots foam darts. Yes, Arkane fairly actually Nerfed their crossbow. 

So what use is a toy crossbow in Prey’s harmful world? Well it’s useful for triggering switches at a distance, which may are available in helpful for opening doorways if you’re not shut or different buttons which are out of attain. I count on to see this skill facilitate elaborate traps, luring typhons by way of doorways and into risks. The foam darts are additionally an amazing distraction, permitting you to herd enemies away earlier than you slip by. 

Much like Alien: Isolation, Prey asks you to embrace distraction-led stealth with the intention to protect your self. Aside from the boltcaster, I additionally love the typhon lure. It’s one other grenade-but-not, producing a glowing luminescence that pulls enemies. Combined with powers like raise area (a sudden reversal of gravity), it’s simply the beginning of a sticky finish on your foes.      


Prey Psychoscope

Looks like: a SLR digicam lens bolted to a bathe cap
Is really: a purposeful substitute for XP grinding

Games usually supply upgrades in trade for XP, that means the act of merely taking part in the sport is sufficient to progressively unlock new abilities. As with Dishonored, Arkane have as soon as once more rejected this concept in favour of an upgrades system that requires you to seek out hidden gadgets on the earth. In Prey you need to accumulate Neromods, machines that you simply jab into your eye to rewire your mind. Neuromods will not be sufficient to unlock the sport’s coolest powers, nonetheless. For these you’ll want the Pyschoscope. 

This bizarre head-mounted machine means that you can scan typhon enemies and be taught details about them. Scan the proper enemies and also you’ll unlock the flexibility to realize alien powers. Collect the proper variety of Neuromods and people new powers are yours. It’s an amazing technique of creating you’re feeling actively concerned within the technique of unlocking your potential.

Furthermore, the Pyschoscope could be fitted with improve chips that allow it to do extra than simply scan enemies. For instance, one chip can sense mimics of their morphed state, permitting you to get the drop on them. Functions like these make the scope way over a single-use mechanic, and a helpful addition to Morgan’s toolset. 


Prey Phantom

Look like: headcrabs and zombies
Are really: nightmares in shadow type

As we’ve already established, Prey’s signature GLOO gun is sort of actually the results of a deep examine of what made Half-Life 2 so nice. But these influences don’t cease there. The first two typhons you’ll encounter – the mimic and the phantom – really feel very very like headcrab and headcrab zombie The mimic itself is an brisk headcrab, in a position to stretch and flip round with unnerving ferocity, and may after all disguise itself as nearly any merchandise. Their skill to launch shock ambushes on you makes them extremely harmful for entry-level enemies. While a handful of headcrabs are simply dispatched with a crowbar, the identical variety of mimics are a real risk. Once once more it’s an instance of Arkane messing with established guidelines; small dimension doesn’t equate small hazard. 

As additionally talked about beforehand, Prey likes to loop its programs collectively. Combating typhons isn’t nearly clearing Talos-1 station of its extraterrestrial menace; scanning foes unlocks new alternatives to be taught abilities, and fascinating in fight means that you can see how some powers are used. For instance, the phantoms can use Kinetic Blast, which educates you in find out how to successfully use it earlier than unlocking it your self.