Первый геймплей игры-метавселенной Readyverse по мотивам «Первому игроку пригото..

First Gameplay of the Metaverse Game Readyverse Inspired by “Ready Player One”

Within this metaverse, you will be able to create and dress your hero, set up your home, and invite friends over to play games. All of this is integrated with artificial intelligence.

This will be the first project of its level on the Unreal Engine 5. Developers plan for players to truly own their homes and items through blockchain technology.

Readyverse is planned to be developed as a platform for dozens of games. Currently, an open battle royale game is in development, which will feature characters from “Ready Player One” and the Warner Bros. universe.

The first public tests for Readyverse and OPEN are scheduled to start this year.

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