Patch Notes 1.1.7f1 – Hotfix Update

Patch Notes 1.1.7f1 – Hotfix Update

Hello, everyone! Before we embark on our holiday break, we would like to quickly address a hotfix that resolves a few issues introduced with patch 1.1.6f1.

Please be aware that this hotfix is currently only available on Steam. We are awaiting certification from the Microsoft Store. Once certified, the hotfix will go live on the Microsoft Store, and we’ll keep you informed. This period also gives us some additional time to identify and address any problems that may arise before the summer break.

Our team will be back in the office on August 5th, ready to continue investigating the bug reports we’ve received, including the homelessness and crime issues.

Important Note: A new patch might lead to compatibility issues with mods. If you experience any problems, please disable your mods and wait for modders to update them. For more information, refer to this thread.

Gameplay Fixes
  • Enhanced the functionality of Post Offices to accommodate varying mail loads. Additionally, delivery vans can now transport mail.
  • Adjusted utility consumption, capacity, construction costs, and upkeep for Post Office 02 and its upgrade.
  • Resolved the issue with the missing icon for the Radio Mast Wireless Network Antenna upgrade.

Given the rapid succession of recent patches, here’s a link to the previous two patch notes. I highly recommend reviewing them if you missed them, as they include significant updates.