: Overwatch’s Roadhog undergoes a major rework with surprising impact

Roadhog uses his Whole Hog ability in a screenshot from the original Overwatch

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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Roadhog, among the initial Overwatch heroes, is obtaining a rework in the current spot for Overwatch 2. While his core capabilities — Scrap Gun, Chain Hook, and Take A Breather self-healing — aren’t vanishing, a few of them are transforming in significant methods. He’s likewise obtaining a new capability, Pig Pen, which will certainly offer Roadhog gamers an additional offending device to have fun with.

Roadhog’s Scrap Gun is obtaining structured, with his eruptive additional fire eliminated entirely. Blizzard is rather integrating his 2 techniques of fire right into one: His shotgun blast currently consists of a shrapnel battery of 4 huge projectiles in the facility of its shot, along with a spray of shotgun pellets.

“We looked at [Roadhog’s] primary fire and the secondary fire as two things that operate quite well, but as individual elements on the kit, weren’t doing enough contribution themselves,” Alec Dawson, lead hero developer on Overwatch 2, informed Polygon in a meeting over Zoom. “So we combined both of those in a way with the new Scrap Gun that plays a little bit better at range than Roadhog [used to].”

A third-person view of Roadhog’s new Scrap Gun fire in Overwatch 2

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Here’s a malfunction of Scrap Gun’s adjustments, from Blizzard’s spot notes:

Scrap Gun

  • Previous additional fire performance has actually been eliminated.
  • Total damages per shot boosted from 150 to 160.
  • Shotgun pellet matter decreased from 25 to 16.
  • Shotgun pellet damages boosted from 6 to 6.25.
  • Now terminates a shrapnel battery of 4 huge projectiles in the facility of the shot.
  • Each shrapnel projectile bargains 15 damages.
  • Critical damages multiplier decreased from 2x to 1.5x.

Roadhog’s self-healing capability, Take A Breather, is likewise obtaining some large adjustments. Foremost, it’s transferring to the switch formerly made use of for his additional fire. It’s likewise currently resource-based, and when taken in, refills with time — comparable to just how Bastion’s self-repair capability made use of to function.

Rather than eat an entire lot of recovery simultaneously, Roadhog gamers will certainly rather have the ability to recover him a little or a whole lot, depending upon just how much recovery gas (or, uh, tuna) remains in the cylinder. (Minimum recover on Take A Breather will certainly be 84 HP, approximately 450 HP max.)

An infographic showing Roadhog’s reworked ability kit for Overwatch 2

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

“Turning Take A Breather into something that’s on a resource just allows him to be, for 95% of situations that he wants to use it, just as effective,” Dawson stated of the adjustment. “You’re still able to obtain that damages resistance. You’re still able to obtain that recovery in. And after that you don’t need to make use of the whole cooldown. You can just make use of fifty percent if you just require fifty percent. So it enables you simply to play a whole lot far better for your group, and storage tank damages when you might require to, and have damages decrease at-will, essentially. That can be fairly efficient.

“Then if you look at things like stuns in our game or some sort of soft CC abilities — like Orisa’s spear that used to just knock you out of your ability entirely — when you’re using Take A Breather now, [Orisa] will just spear you and you’ll get the one-second cool down, but [Roadhog] can go right back to [healing]. So it softens some of the counters Roadhog had previously as well.”

Here’s just how Take A Breather is transforming, per Blizzard’s spot notes:

Take a Breather

  • Now turned on by holding Secondary Fire.
  • Cooldown for every usage lowered from 8 secs to 1 secondly.
  • A brand-new source meter has actually been included. This meter will certainly diminish while Take a Breather is energetic and after that charge when it’s not being used.
  • Take a Breather needs 12 secs to get to complete cost from vacant.
  • At a complete cost, Take a Breather can recover approximately 450 health and wellness over 3 secs.
  • Take a Breather will certainly currently continue to be energetic as long as its appointed hotkey is held.
  • An choice to “Toggle Take a Breather” has actually been included under Options > Controls > Roadhog.
  • Damage decrease lowered from 50% to 30%.
  • No much longer magnifies recovery gotten upon finishing.

Roadhog’s brand-new capability Pig Pen allows him, like Junkrat, established a ground-based catch for the opposing group. But unlike Steel Trap, Pig Pen problems and reduces adversaries for a couple of secs. It’s yet an additional soft crowd-control capability for Overwatch 2, not a full-on stun, however one that will obtain Roadhog gamers some brand-new tactical alternatives to take into consideration: Do they attempt to Chain Hook challengers not just towards them, however right into the course of Pig Pen? It may allow extra one-shot eliminates for Roadhog, however can likewise be difficult to dependably manage.

Roadhog’s Pig Pen trap activates, shocking a Training Bot, in a screenshot from Overwatch 2

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Like Junkrat’s Steel Trap, Roadhog’s Pig Pen will certainly be a little covered. Eagle-looked at challengers might detect its dome form half-buried on the floorings of maps. But if they don’t, and they cause it, Pig Pen will certainly knock any kind of challenger captured in its span upwards a little, reduce them, and do damages to them with time.

“For [Pig Pen] we were looking at making this something where if you do catch someone in it, it feels very satisfying,” Dawson stated of the brand-new capability. “So getting that knock-up makes them a target for you with Chain Hook in particular. So they’re not just slowed a little bit, but they’re also in the air. So you’re able to kind of have this moment like, Alright, I can successfully hook you from there.”

From Blizzard’s spot notes:

Pig Pen

  • This is a brand-new capability appointed to Ability 2 by default.
  • Launch a catch that reduces and harms neighboring adversaries.
  • Deals 60 damages when activated and 30 damages per secondly in a location.
  • 3-second period once turned on.
  • 40% motion rate sluggish.
  • Cooldown is 12 secs.

Dawson stated that Blizzard explore numerous versions of Roadhog revamps over the previous 9 months, consisting of offering him moods and guards. But Dawson stated the Overwatch group didn’t intend to drift excessive from the Chain Hook-Scrap Gun-melee combination that’s so main to the hero’s identification.

“There’s been a lot of good lessons throughout the last year about how all of our roles fit into 5v5, and how they might need to be adapted into 5v5,” Dawson stated. “I think tanks in particular [were] something we knew going in, that there’s gonna be a bit more work there to translate all of them into this new format. With Roadhog, there’s a lot of good lessons here, like flexibility is key. It helps tanks just feel a lot more impactful if their abilities can’t be turned off so quickly.”

Dawson stated that comments from the area and makers has likewise had a huge effect on Roadhog’s rework, and intended tweaks for the game’s following hero, Mauga.

“With Mauga, he just hit our preview server and we got a lot of great data,” Dawson stated, “a lot of great feedback that we’re gonna [use to] make and adjust Mauga before he comes on season eight, to increase his survivability in particular. So I think we’ve learned a lot as a team there. You’ll see some of the way we’re designing tanks are a little bit different than we used to in terms of what they may need personally. And Take A Breather is sort of a translation of some of those lessons.”


Source: Polygon

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