Oklahoma highlights the one-of-a-kind obstacles of American Truck Simulator DLC

Oklahoma in American Truck Simulator
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The American Truck Simulator devs have actually revealed that the game’s following DLC will certainly be heading to Oklahoma – relatively unintentionally.

The Oklahoma DLC web page has actually gone survive on Steam (opens up in brand-new tab) with no type of official statement from the devs, that are probably concentrated on the launch of the Texas add-on. It’s obtained screenshots and also a complete trailer, also, so plainly the devs prepared to go in either case.

As word of the Oklahoma DLC has actually begun to get to the bigger edges of the PC gaming community (opens up in brand-new tab), there have actually been a great deal of jokes regarding just how no one wishes to drive via the substantial swathes of absolutely nothing that comprise the state. Look – I’ve currently spent for Idaho, Utah, and also Wyoming DLC. Wyoming.

Oklahoma produces a remarkable comparison with the brand-new Texas DLC, and also highlights simply exactly how unusual the web content rollout for American Truck Simulator can be. Each development has actually included one United States state, and also they have actually normally been launched two times a year. But go take a look at a map of the United States – Oklahoma is a portion of the dimension of Texas. Yet they’re both dealt with as the very same kind of significant development.

ATS has actually been gradually rolling from west to eastern because 2016, and also approximately this factor the states have actually been quite comparable in dimension. (Incidentally, all the previous DLC went for a $12 cost – Texas is the very first to damage that at $18.) That’s mosting likely to alter as the game begins to damage throughout the midwest. Fans have actually asked yourself for several years whether we’ll begin to see multi-state DLC packs for, state, New Hampshire, Vermont, and also Massachusetts. Even states like Louisiana and also Mississippi are a great deal smaller sized than those out west.

American Truck Simulator has actually recreated virtually fifty percent of the United States land mass because its launch 6 years back, so perhaps we’ll have response to these inquiries by… perhaps 2028. Who understands, perhaps we’ll be playing The Elder Scrolls 6 already, as well.

ATS’s large bro is striking substantial landmarks, as Euro Truck Simulator has surpassed 13 million units and 80 million pieces of DLC sold.


Source: gamesradar.com

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