No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes: VR, Multiplayer, Beyond replace launch time

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No Man's Sky Beyond Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky Beyond is the most recent free replace to the once-disastrous-but-now-actually-quite-good survival journey title from Hello Games. And, true to kind, it’s an formidable one, including at least full VR help, No Man’s Sky multiplayer, and a number of different modifications and new options.

There’s three updates’ price of content material packed into this one bundle in response to Hello Games: learn on for a breakdown of No Man’s Sky Beyond, from full patch notes to breakdowns of all of the new options and modifications you’ll discover ready for you.

No Man's Sky Beyond update

No Man’s Sky Beyond launch: every little thing you must find out about this replace

No Man's Sky Beyond release time and release date

No Man’s Sky Beyond launch time and date

The No Man’s Sky Beyond launch date was introduced to be August 14th 2019 a few weeks again. Yes, that’s certainly at present. Excitement!

As for when precisely the No Man’s Sky Beyond launch time is, whereas we don’t have a precise announcement from Hello Games we all know it’s going to be extraordinarily quickly on condition that the patch notes have been launched.

PS4 and Xbox gamers could possibly begin downloading even sooner – even perhaps proper now. Steam customers may have to attend till barely into the afternoon – however at any time when it does drop, No Man’s Sky Beyond can be fully free for all current gamers.

No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes

Below you’ll be able to learn the No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes of their entirety when you’re having bother getting on the location. Just click on the field beneath to increase and browse all of it.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Patch Notes (14th August 2019)


  • No Man’s Sky is now absolutely playable in digital actuality.
  • Many interactions have been given particular VR-only choices, together with: grabbing crops and different collectables together with your arms; bodily opening the cockpits of ships and exocraft; piloting starships immediately with a VR stick/throttle; and punching objects to trigger harm.
  • Introduced particular VR menus: together with controlling Multi-Tool choices through a menu embedded on the in-world Multi-Tool; and shopping the short menu and stock through a private wrist-mounted show.


  • OpenGL has been changed by Vulkan. Many gamers, notably gamers with AMD graphics playing cards, ought to see a efficiency enchancment.
  • Significant optimisations to asteroid era.
  • Significant optimisations to planet era.
  • Improved loading instances.
  • Significant optimisations to 2D rendering.
  • Reduced reminiscence utilization throughout the game usually.
  • Significant optimisations to cloud and terrain shaders.
  • Significant optimisations to the animation LODing system.
  • Added level-of-detail mesh optimisations to nearly all of in-game belongings.
  • Significant optimisations for giant bases.
  • Revised HDR help, up to date output curve according to advances in HDR calibration.
  • Adaptive and Triple-Buffered V-Sync are actually selectable from Graphics Options.
  • Players with a couple of GPU can now choose which is used from Video Options.
  • Many graphics settings now not require a restart to use.
  • The ‘LOADING SHADERS’ load step has been eliminated, bettering the loading expertise.


  • Added help for full rebinding of PC controls through Steam and OpenVR.
  • Reworked all settings and choices pages, making graphics settings extra clear for PC gamers.
  • Added choices to disable vignette and scanline results.
  • Added the choice to take away button holds and make all non-destructive clicks instantaneous.


  • Added the flexibility to summon the Space Anomaly to your location from wherever within the galaxy.
  • Significantly expanded and reworked the inside of the Space Anomaly.
  • The Space Anomaly now serves as a hub, bringing collectively all of the Travellers who’re onboard no matter their bodily location within the universe.
  • Removed orbs from the game and changed them with absolutely simulated different gamers, met ambiently as you discover.
  • The community participant cap has been raised to between eight and 32 relying on platform and present location.
  • Added a brand new teleporter to the Space Anomaly. This teleporter permits gamers to go to the bottom of another participant at the moment on the Anomaly with them, in addition to highlighting featured bases from the neighborhood.
  • Moved multiplayer mission choice to the Nexus, a brand new hub space within the Space Anomaly.
  • Added an interface for shortly discovering different gamers to affix on multiplayer missions.
  • Added many new sorts of multiplayer mission.
  • Automatic chat messages are broadcast when performing game actions, together with making discoveries, attacking pirates, putting in tech, performing gestures, and preventing organic horrors.
  • Multiplayer missions now warp gamers on to the mission location as they go away the Space Anomaly.
  • Added the flexibility to show a customized participant banner, adjustable on the Appearance Modifier.
  • Player graves in multiplayer games will get reset to the present participant’s system when returning to single participant.
  • A brand new save icon is utilized in multiplayer to focus on that whereas progress is saved, the participant’s present place just isn’t.
  • Reworked the story missions to combine Nada and Polo’s journey higher with the story of Artemis.
  • Added new story content material for Nada and Polo.
  • Reworked the tutorial and far of the early game mission circulate.
  • Added new and distinctive visuals for brand new NPCs aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will alternate a distinct product for nanites every day.
  • Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will alternate milestone progress for nanites.
  • Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will alternate completely different classes of discovery information for nanites every day.


  • Added a tech-tree model show for all of the applied sciences, merchandise and different recipes accessible within the game.
  • Added know-how and base half analysis stations to the Space Anomaly, permitting gamers to browse the complete tech tree, plan their upgrades, and buy new applied sciences with nanites.
  • Tweaked the visuals of HUD and compass markers for improved readability and consistency.
  • Some HUD icons now shrink to scale back visible noise.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of compass markers whereas within the ship to higher mirror the fact of navigating 3D house.
  • Improved the UI for evaluating and buying ships, Multi-Tools and freighters.
  • Added a warning when attempting to swap starships when you nonetheless have cargo aboard your previous ship.
  • Improved the stock web page, together with making stock sub-categories extra clear.
  • Changed textual content scrolling to a full wraparound relatively than a bounce.
  • Reduced the quantity of bloom in instances that induced photosensitivity points.
  • Refiner output readings now accurately replace when extra sources are added to an enter slot.
  • Improved the visible model and readability of the Buy/Sell filters on commerce screens.
  • Improved the icons used to show the category of ships, Multi-Tools, and different purchasable gadgets.
  • Updated the ‘Summon Vehicles’ icon on Quick Menu.
  • The icons for summoning different ships in your assortment now precisely mirror the looks of these ships.
  • Updated the visuals for the in-cockpit ship screens.
  • Significant enhancements to the chat field, together with the flexibility to decide on whether or not messages are despatched to your group or your entire system.
  • Moved substances, merchandise and applied sciences to their very own ‘Catalogue’, separate from the Guide.
  • Added Guide entries for a number of new options.
  • Increased the dimensions of icons within the Catalogue.
  • Improved the looks of the dialog / NPC speech UI.
  • Mission notifications / aims are now not hidden by the construct menu, stock or refiner screens.
  • Added a brand new model of mission notification that provides extra context to complicated mission steps.
  • The Galaxy Map has been completely overhauled for readability and visible model.


  • NPCs can now stroll round their environments and work together with environmental components.
  • Player locomotion is extra responsive when operating.
  • Players can now sit on chairs.
  • Improved the digital camera dealing with when sitting in a confined space.
  • NPCs will reply to gestures carried out by the participant.
  • NPCs now often browse holographic creatures, ships and extra on their handheld gadgets.
  • Added all new NPC interactions at planetary salvage websites.
  • Added all new NPC interactions at crashed ships.
  • Significantly reworked all manufacturing facility and monolith interactions.
  • Changed the reward sequence for manufacturing facility interactions to permit gamers to decide on which product recipe they want to be taught.
  • Reworked a lot of current NPC interactions.
  • Added a variety of biome particular interactions for NPCs at planetary buildings.
  • NPC pilots now go away their ships when touchdown at Space Stations and Trade Outposts.
  • NPCs can now select a chair to sit down on, sit down for some time, then proceed with their day.
  • Geks often swing their legs whereas sitting.
  • Expanded the vary of NPC moods and animations.
  • Increased the richness of textual content interactions with extra audio, colors and NPC animations.
  • Added completely different textual content printout speeds for every alien race, giving them their very own model of ‘speech’.
  • Added an opportunity for visitor NPCs to go to Space Stations, eg the occasional Korvax could also be discovered within the Space Station of a Vy’eager system.
  • The Trade Outpost is handled as a constructing (for the needs of offering hazard safety), however performs right outside audio atmosphere.
  • Added AutoTranslator applied sciences to the Exosuit that enable random phrases to be translated with out being completely unlocked.
  • Fixed a problem the place }} alien speech brackets would seem on a brand new line by themselves.
  • Alien phrases are grouped collectively to forestall studying phrases similar to ones already recognized (e.g. interloper/interlopers).
  • Alien phrase studying has been overhauled. Players could direct the circulate of language acquisition when interacting with NPCs.
  • Players can observe utilizing the phrases they know when talking to alien lifeforms and observe the outcomes.


  • Reworked the Base Building Menu: improved visible readability; improved usability; and allowed faster entry to components, together with including the flexibility for components to be in a couple of group.
  • Day/night time cycles are actually deterministic and synced between gamers.
  • Significant enhancements have been made to the bottom half snapping system, permitting for quicker and extra handy constructing.
  • Added a brand new photo-mode model constructing digital camera to permit simpler placement of complicated constructions.
  • Added the flexibility to scale some base components.
  • Added the flexibility to rotate some base components round a couple of axis.
  • Added new energy era base components: Biofuel Reactors, Solar Panels, Electromagnetic Generators and Batteries. Each provides a distinct strategy to generate energy in your base.
  • Added wiring, permitting you to attach base components that want energy to your turbines.
  • Removed the guide fueling of many base applied sciences and changed it with energy grid necessities.
  • Added energy necessities to current components similar to lights.
  • Added a variety of logic gates and switches, permitting for inventive management of powered components.
  • Added new large-scale mineral and gasoline extractor base components.
  • Added mineral/gasoline pipelines, permitting gamers to attach their new extractors to distant depots for ease of assortment.
  • Added a brand new Survey Device improve for the Analysis Visor, permitting participant to hunt out the optimum spots to position mineral/gasoline extractors and electromagnetic turbines.
  • Overhauled the gravity simulation, bettering the expertise on lifeless planets.
  • Added Short-Range Teleporters. These pads could also be positioned round your base and wired as much as create a community of near-instant transportation.
  • Improved the administration of base choices when interacting with the bottom pc, together with bettering the flexibility to take screenshots of the bottom.
  • Added the flexibility to jetpack whereas the Build Menu is open.
  • Improved the visible results of the Terrain Manipulator.
  • Unified the performance of the Message Module and the Communications Station and added a brand new distinctive artwork asset.
  • Added a number of new roof items, permitting gamers to construct full sloping roofs.
  • Added new exocraft-sized doorways that may be powered to open and shut robotically as you strategy.
  • Added new interactable props, together with customisable gentle bins and audio frequency turbines.
  • Added a powered Sphere Generator that permits gamers to generate giant movable spheres.
  • Improved the visible results when developing base components & know-how.


  • Increased the tolerance of dealer ships taking part in a freighter battle in order that they don’t report pleasant fireplace as a criminal offense except the shot is deadly.
  • Fixed a problem the place Sentinel drones would turn out to be caught when scanning a participant who was getting into and exiting their ship.
  • Fixed a problem the place the third individual participant mannequin would by no means look immediately on the digital camera.
  • Fixed a problem the place ship rain audio was being performed when it was not raining.
  • Added creature sounds to the bizarre biome creatures.
  • Fixed a Multi-Tool animation glitch when firing the Mining Beam from sheathed in first individual.
  • Change Asian numerical separators to be right format.
  • Fixed a problem the place the starship can seem floating above the terrain if the participant is spawned at a protracted distance from the ship.
  • Fixed numerous merchandise duplication exploits.
  • Fix for the starship HUD studying ‘Moon of Unknown Planet’ when the planet is thought.
  • The Mining Beam is now the right color when upgraded with a procedural improve module.
  • Fixed a problem the place the incorrect influence particles had been typically used when taking pictures Sentinel Quadrupeds.
  • Miscellaneous textual content fixes.


  • Overhauled the Analysis Visor. Scanning of flora, fauna and minerals now not begins robotically, however begins when the participant holds a button whereas wanting on the related object.
  • In VR, the Analysis Visor turns into Analysis Mode. Objects are scanned by aiming at them with the Multi-Tool.
  • Custom Markers positioned from the Analysis Visor now drop a bodily object on the marker location.
  • Significantly overhauled the Discovery Page to point out a graphical illustration of the system, in addition to shut up 3D representations of all discoveries and lengthy textual content entries for fauna.
  • Made butterflies and different flying creatures a lot simpler to scan with the Analysis Visor.
  • Added a brand new set of uncommon vibrant color palettes for lush planets.
  • Creature markers within the Analysis Visor now show how distant the creature is.
  • Fixed a problem the place creatures would by no means poop as soon as they’d been scared by a predator.
  • Predator creatures now not goal and assault gamers when they’re in an interplay.
  • Creatures will now not assault gamers who’re of their ships.
  • Improved the readability and show of warning icons on predatory or offended creatures.
  • Fix for organic horrors not taking part in their demise results for community gamers.
  • Fix for incorrect fauna stage being displayed within the Analysis Visor.
  • Added creature marker to show their present psychological state.
  • Added new wild crops to all biomes.
  • Added the flexibility to cook dinner plant and animal merchandise in a Nutrient Processor to supply all kinds of meals. Experient with mixtures to create distinctive and complicated foodstuffs.
  • Eating meals offers a lift to your life help.
  • Added bait merchandise, created within the Nutrient Processor, that enable creatures to be harvested for meals merchandise. Scan creatures to be taught their bait preferences.
  • Killing creatures additionally permits the harvesting of a number of new meals merchandise.
  • Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will decide the participant’s cooking capability.
  • Renamed Coprite to Faecium.
  • Added compass and HUD icons to Faecium deposits.
  • Improved the visuals of Faceium deposits.
  • Added a base half that can appeal to creatures to your base and robotically feed them.
  • Added a base half that can robotically extract milk and different related sources from close by creatures which might be able to be harvested.
  • Throwing bait can appeal to a lot of creatures to at least one location.
  • Throwing specialist carnivore bait can distract and placate offended or predatory creatures.
  • Creatures which were tamed by supplying their desired bait might be ridden. Creatures will nonetheless try and go about their very own enterprise, however their routines might be formed by their rider.
  • Upper physique gestures could also be used when seated or using a creature.
  • The Nutrient Processor and the Portable Refiner now show a marker when they don’t seem to be positioned inside a base.


  • Nada and Polo now use a bigger vary of animations.
  • Improved the visuals for the Space Station entrance beam.
  • Entirely reworked and expanded the cockpits of all ships.
  • Increased the quantity by which you’ll look across the starship cockpit.
  • Added absolutely modelled cockpits / interiors for all of the Exocraft and the Nautilon Submarine.
  • Starship exteriors can now be seen whereas contained in the starship.
  • Improved the particle results for the Scatter Blaster and the Blaze Javelin.
  • Increased the dimensions of starships. Landing pads and docking areas throughout the galaxy have been expanded to deal with the brand new bigger ships. As a end result, touchdown pads in current bases have been refunded.
  • Improved the visible element on fighters, haulers and shuttles.
  • Added ramps to the entrance of the Space Station balcony platforms.
  • Fixed numerous points the place bushes and rocks couldn’t be run over by Exocraft.
  • Trade Outposts now have ladders to climb as much as the platform.


  • The Exosuit torch can now be turned on regardless of the time of day.
  • While the Pulse Engine is engaged, the central ship display now shows a clearer message about gasoline use.
  • Technology can now be put in in phases, permitting incomplete tech to be positioned in a listing and its particular person elements added over time.
  • Technology can now be moved after set up.
  • Significantly overhauled the system for pinning directions for constructing applied sciences, merchandise and base components.
  • Added the flexibility to pin a substance and obtain instructions for the place to seek out it.
  • Removed the Advanced Mining Laser requirement from giant bushes on lush planets.
  • Added an Antimatter Reactor base half that generates antimatter over time.
  • Added particular environment friendly Starshield Batteries to be used in starship fight.
  • Added ‘Warp Hypercores’, a big hyperdrive gasoline unit with 5 instances the capability of an everyday Warp Cell.
  • Increased the bottom mining velocity of the Mining Beam.
  • Fixed a bug that induced useful resource notifications to stack up whereas taking part in with out the HUD.
  • Reduced the size of time useful resource notifications are displayed when you’ve a number of sources stacked up.
  • Added alerts when new gadgets are encountered or recorded to the Catalogue.
  • Added the Optical Drill, a Mining Beam improve that will increase the sources gained from mining.
  • Added the Launch System Recharger, a starship improve that robotically recharges the Launch Thrusters over time.
  • Added an additional slot to the beginning Multi-Tool.
  • When putting in an improve module, the right stock is robotically chosen.
  • Adjusted the chances of low, medium and excessive safety planets in Normal Mode.
  • Adjusted the timers of Sentinel patrols on decrease safety planets.
  • In regular mode, allowed some planets to by no means spawn Sentinel drones.
  • Added an opportunity to gather geodes when mining rocks or asteroids. Geodes might be analysed to extract giant portions of drugs.
  • Increased the bottom velocity of all Refiner items.
  • In regular mode, elevated the slot storage restrict for substances from 250 to 10,000.
  • Increased the wealth ranges at which larger tiers of pirates will assault.
  • Increased the bottom vitality ranges of the Mining Beam and the Terrain Manipulator, permitting for much less frequent recharging.
  • Replaced the ‘Find specific building’ element of the Signal Booster with a system of planetary charts. Acquire planetary charts from Space Station Cartographers.
  • Navigation Data might be traded for planetary charts. Collect Navigation Data when saving and charting at waypoints and save beacons.
  • Using the Terrain Manipulator to mine primary floor will award silicate powder, which can be utilized to refine glass.
  • Added a be aware on the interplay label of NPCs which have already been visited.
  • When craftable merchandise are the present mission goal, they’re robotically pushed to the highest of the product record.
  • Adjusted the frequency of uncommon asteroids.
  • When shopping for a freighter, it now comes with some primary cargo already within the stock.
  • Increased the minimal velocity whereas in house fight, creating higher fight dealing with in most circumstances.
  • Increased the utmost velocity whereas flying in house.
  • Added a level of roll when banking in planetary flight.
  • The warning triangle within the cockpit is now not displayed when the Pulse Engine just isn’t being requested.
  • Added a cockpit throttle indicator to point out present thrust settings.
  • The ‘Shields Down’ message is now not displayed when claiming an deserted ship.
  • The ‘How to land the ship’ notification now not shows instantly after planetary takeoff.
  • When charging the Pulse Engine, the present autopilot goal marker is now highlighted.
  • Missions now add hints to focus on the related gadgets within the construct and crafting menus.
  • Inventory popups are actually closed robotically when you click on outdoors of them.
  • Tweaked the weighting of mission choice within the mission board to offer a greater vary of obtainable missions.
  • Increased the chance of procedural improve modules being related to the participant’s present tech setup.
  • Added a number of new environmental safety Exosuit upgrades.
  • Ammunition is robotically promoted to the highest of the crafting record if gamers attempt to reload however haven’t any accessible ammo.
  • Increased the default stack measurement for Ammunition.
  • The Mining Beam now has a a lot larger base warmth capability.
  • Reworked the Mining Beam overheat mechanic: the beam now cools down accurately relatively than immediately resetting; the Mining Beam does extra harm because it approaches max warmth; the Mining Beam modifications color because it approaches max warmth.
  • Innes has walked over 1400 miles. His journey continues.

Good? Good. Now let’s speak about what’s new within the fantastically formidable No Man’s Sky Beyond replace.

No Man’s Sky Beyond replace particulars & patch notes

There’s loads to speak about with No Man’s Sky Beyond, from the promise of full VR help to the inclusion of a a lot fuller multiplayer and on-line facet to No Man’s Sky (ultimately), and rather more.

Best factor to do first is have a looksie on the gameplay trailer above when you haven’t already. Now let’s go over the three main “pillars”, as Hello Games have referred to them, of the No Man’s Sky Beyond replace.

No Man's Sky VR support in Beyond

No Man’s Sky VR help – Beyond replace particulars

No Man’s Sky VR. That has a reasonably good ring to it, doesn’t it? Yes, the primary pillar of No Man’s Sky Beyond is you could now struggle, pilot, commerce, and quest your manner throughout the universe in first individual, so long as you’ve a PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headset useful.

This isn’t only a gimmick or a cordoned-off space of No Man’s Sky that’s been given VR help both. Everything within the game can now be skilled in VR, from the brand new VR-friendly gesture-controlled stock system to the redesigned cockpits that enable your arms to snap to sure controls.

According to Hello Games, VR is “the way to play No Man’s Sky”, and it actually looks as if a logical step ahead for a game whose complete deal is absolute immersion and solitude in a fantastic large universe.

Now, about that complete solitude factor…

No Man's Sky Online - Nexus Hub

No Man’s Sky Multiplayer – No Man’s Sky Online, Nexus Missions, and extra

No Man’s Sky Online is coming with the Beyond replace, launched through the Space Anomaly hub, which now you can summon to your location from wherever within the galaxy. From a brand new part of the Space Anomaly, generally known as the Nexus, you’ll have the ability to commerce and work together with gamers, and embark on specially-designed multiplayer missions for between 16 and 32 gamers.

Sounds quite a bit like an MMO – however Sean Murray of Hello Games tells us that No Man’s Sky Beyond actually is not going to flip the game into an MMO. There are no subscriptions, no microtransactions concerned right here. Everything is 100% free to current gamers.

So, what do the missions in No Man’s Sky Online entail? Hello Games have forged the web large by way of the potential actions. You might be participating in 32-player dogfights simply off the closest moon, or racing one another atop large lovable alien crabs, or who is aware of what else.

What’s extra, you’ll have the ability to crew up and work together with gamers no matter whether or not you’re utilizing VR they usually’re not, or vice versa. The three pillars of No Man’s Sky Beyond are designed from the bottom up, Hello Games explains, to be fully interlinked and purposeful of their interactions with each other.

No Man's Sky Beyond - new base-building and crafting parts

No Man’s Sky Beyond modifications and patch notes

While No Man’s Sky Online and VR help are little question the highlights of this replace (every of which might ordinarily have constituted an replace of their very own), that’s removed from all that’s altering with No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Here are simply a few of the large new options we all know are arriving with the Beyond replace:

  • Blueprints are actually visualised by unlockable know-how bushes.
  • Base-building has been expanded with new building and crafting choices, together with the addition of electrical energy, automation, and logic circuits (getting a robust Factorio/Satisfactory vibe right here…).
  • The word-learning system has been redesigned.
  • The galactic map is altering as soon as once more (however Murray tells us we nearly actually received’t discover all our bases and creations reset or buried like with the launch of Next).
  • All new creatures and creature interactions, together with taming, using, and even milking (mmm!).
  • New biomes, each above floor and underwater, so as to add much more color and selection to the worlds you uncover and the vistas upon which you’ll construct your new mega-bases.
  • New cooking recipes to find.
  • New NPC races, together with new dynamic NPCs with dialogue choices, moods, tales, missions, locations, and rather more
  • A redesigned discoveries interface
  • Heavy optimisation and efficiency enhancements throughout your entire game.

No Man's Sky Beyond update

Man, that’s a complete lot that the No Man’s Sky Beyond replace is including to the game. Could this be the fruits of No Man’s Sky’s and Hello Games’s three-year-long redemption arc? If all these formidable new options and techniques work as meant and revitalise the game within the ways in which everyone seems to be hoping for, then it’s a really sturdy chance.