No Man's Sky Adrift Update

No Man’s Sky Adrift Update – version 4.70

Since No Man’s Sky first launched, the game has evolved significantly. We’ve added many features, but there’s always been a unique feeling of solitude in the original release. Reflecting on early versions of the game, where there were no NPCs, shops, or assistance, just the player alone in a vast universe, inspired us for our next update.

Introducing Adrift: A New Experience

Our upcoming update, Adrift, lets players experience an alternative universe where they can truly feel alone. In this universe, there are no other lifeforms, no trading, no shortcuts, and no help, providing a very different survival challenge.

The universe in Adrift is more dangerous, with sandworms roaming freely and fiend eggs spreading across planets. Buildings are broken and rusted, standing as the graves of lost Travellers. In space, a ghostly frigate can be recruited, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

New Features and Customizations

To help players navigate this perilous universe, we are introducing the Iron Vulture, a new bulky Hauler starship. Following our last update’s ship customization, Adrift will include many new customization options.

Originally planned as our next expedition, Adrift has expanded into a full update packed with improvements, new gameplay content, and rewards.

Adrift Expedition Details

In the Adrift expedition, players will find themselves in an empty universe devoid of life, operational space stations, and shops. Despite starting on the same desolate, worm-infested planet, Iapezuk, communication will be limited, and the Space Anomaly will be eerily silent.

Survival will require self-reliance, as players face repair, exploration, and combat challenges. Completing the journey will reward players with exclusive collectibles, such as the gnawing scuttler companion, starship stealth paint, a ghostly frigate, and the Iron Vulture starship.

Players can begin the Adrift expedition from the Expedition Terminus aboard the Space Anomaly or from a new save, which can later be converted to Normal Mode. Rewards can be redeemed across all save games via the Space Anomaly’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. Adrift starts today and will run for approximately seven weeks.

Adrift Expedition Rewards

  • Meditation, Alone in the Dark, and Isolation Posters: Reflect on your Adrift journey with these posters.
  • Stealth Paint: An exclusive starship customization for a low-radar-signature look.
  • Starship Wreckage Base Parts: Create a scrapyard aesthetic with crashed starship remains.
  • Gnawing Scuttler Companion: A nightmarish creature from a derelict freighter.
  • Ship of the Damned: The remains of an abandoned frigate.
  • Iron Vulture: A high-capacity Hauler for transporting cargo, featuring an industrial metal finish.

Development Update and Patch Notes

Today’s 4.70 update includes the Adrift expedition and various stability and gameplay fixes. Our journey continues.

Patch Notes Highlights:

  • Expedition Thirteen: Adrift begins, with abandoned star systems, no NPCs, and a more dangerous universe.
  • New rewards: posters, decals, titles, starship wreckage base parts, a gnawing companion, a cursed frigate, and the Iron Vulture hauler.
  • Memory optimizations, visual and audio improvements, and numerous bug fixes.

Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy the Adrift expedition!


We’re continuously working to elevate your experience, and your feedback is the guiding star. Safe cosmic voyages! If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.


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