Nick Cannon Makes a ‘Vasectomy’ Cocktail In Father’s Day Ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin: ‘Lord Knows I Need One’

Nick Cannon's Vasectomy

Nick Cannon’s Vasectomy

Courtesy of Aviation Gin

This Father’s Day, take it from Nick Cannon — it’s time for a vasectomy. And by vasectomy, he means a delicious cocktail made with Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American gin.

In a new commercial for the Deadpool star’s 2020-acquired liquor company, Cannon gives a tongue-in-cheek tutorial on how to make a drink he calls “The Vasectomy” — a topic he’s the perfect spokesperson for, given that the soon-to-be father of eight just shared he’s having more children. “It’s almost Father’s Day, and the one and only Ryan Reynolds asked me to help us all celebrate with the mother of all cocktails, The Vasectomy,” the Masked Singer host says in the commercial while standing behind a bar. “Lord knows I need one.”

Cannon then instructs viewers on the right way to make the semi-sweet drink — using just a touch of sarcasm. First, fill a glass with ice (“The way children fill our lives with so much joy”), then, an ounce of cranberry juice (“Sweet, just like their little smiles”), and after that, three ounces of tonic (“So bubbly, just like I feel every day I wake up after a long, full night’s sleep.”) Finish off with a dash of lemon juice and an ounce and a half of Aviation Gin, and you’ve got a baby-proof drink both Reynolds and the “Hold On” artist approve of.

“I’ll take it from here, Nick,” says Reynolds in the commercial, entering from off screen and taking a sip of the cocktail. “I have three kids.”

“I have eight,” Cannon replies, prompting a hilarious spit take from the Free Guy actor.

Though Cannon is an expert with the vasectomy drink, he may have a little ways to go in terms of the actual medical procedure. Less than a month ago, he stated he’d had a vasectomy consultation after making headlines for fathering three children in the span of months last year before announcing in January that he was expecting his eighth child with Bre Tiesi. It seems, though, that things didn’t go as planned, as he just said on the Lip Service podcast that his ninth (and possibly tenth) baby will be arriving this year.

“Congrats to @nickcannon! Also apologies to @nickcannon,” Reynolds captioned a video of Cannon’s commercial on Instagram. “While delicious, the Aviation Vasectomy is clearly not yet 100% effective.”

The Drumline star first had children in 2011, when he and ex-wife Mariah Carey welcomed twins Monroe and Moroccan. He then fathered Golden and Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell in 2017 and 2020, followed by another set of twins named Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa in 2021, and then his son Zen — who passed away at five months old — with Alyssa Scott also in 2021.

Watch Nick Cannon’s “Vasectomy” tutorial in Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram post below:

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