New Pokemon Snap: Nintendo Asks Fans For Best Photos

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New Pokemon Snap is out in the wild and fans are having a wonderful time in the Lental Region. Nintendo asked fans to show off what they’ve done so far on social media. It’s not like the company had to ask very hard at all. People have been waiting for this one for 20 years. There’s so much to do and see with this new game that fans will be playing for weeks now. In the lead-up to today’s big release, Nintendo has been laying a nice trail of breadcrumbs for trainers young and old. New Pokemon Snap figures to be one of those games that draw seasoned fans back into the fold as Pokemon Go did a few years ago. Check out the post from Pokemon Company down below:’s Christian Hoffer reviewed the game and loved this update to the beloved N64 title.

“New Pokemon Snap could very well be the next “chill” hit for Nintendo in the vein of last year’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game itself has very low stakes, but there’s still lots to explore and find, and it should be a great distraction for players over the rest of the spring and summer. New Pokemon Snap is an impressive re-debut for the Pokemon Snap franchise and should hopefully give Nintendo and The Pokemon Company motivation to make additional Pokemon Snap games,” he wrote. “Less than a quarter of all Pokemon species is represented in New Pokemon Snap, so there is certainly room for more exploration, more discovery, and more photos in the future.”

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