Ned Luke, “Online” and matchmaking

As we already wrote earlierNed Luke, who gave his voice and appearance to Michael from GTA 5began to conduct regular live broadcasts with the passing of the “five” in honor of the recent anniversary. He often streams and GTA Online. And in one of these sessions, the actor encountered matchmaking (from the abbreviation SWAT). This is when, following a false call, a police assault team arrives at a certain address, notified of an allegedly serious crime. There are known cases of murders during such attacks. This tactic is often resorted to by various scum operating on the Internet.

Michael, arrested in his own home.  Screenshot: @Qrix_PL.

What’s especially unpleasant is that this incident happened to Ned on Thursday, the 23rd, Thanksgiving Day. After an hour of playing, the actor received a call, during which he learned about what had happened. This moment was broadcast and can be seen at the very end of the recording.

The GTA community immediately expressed words of support for Luke and criticism towards Rockstar Games, believing that the actor’s place of residence had become the property of hackers due to the leaky and unreliable “Online” on PC. However, a little later Ned got in touch and stood up in defense of R*, saying that the game had nothing to do with it – his address has been known to unscrupulous persons for a long time, and this is already the sixth time that emergency services have been sent to his house. True, this time it was firefighters for the first time.