My Unique Experience: Exploring the Great Circle with Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
(Image credit: MachineGames)

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle uses first-person camera angles to create a “unique experience” that you won’t find in other action-adventure games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider. 

In an interview with Lucasfilm, the upcoming game’s director, Jerk Gustafsson, discussed the studio’s decision to make Indie’s adventure a first-person experience. “First-person gameplay is part of MachineGames’ DNA, and we wanted to see how we could use this to create a really immersive experience around stepping into the shoes of the world’s most famous archaeologist,” the director explained.

“It also separates our game from many other action-adventure titles, making it a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else,” Gustafsson added. “We still want to show Indy as much as possible, so we have a seamless flow between first-person gameplay and third-person actions, events, and cinematics.” 

We can see this transition in action in the Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailer, which was featured as part of yesterday’s Xbox Developer Direct 2024. In one section of the presentation, around the 38-minute mark, we can see Indy approach a drainpipe that’s attached to a brick wall and as he interacts with it, the camera switches from first-person to third as he makes his way up the pipe.

A lot of thought has gone into bringing the professor’s new game to life. Elsewhere in the Developer Direct, Bethesda boss and The Great Circle’s executive producer, Todd Howard, said he’s been sitting on everything about the Indiana Jones game “forever,” – considering everything including “what Indy was going after” and the “arc he was going to have.” 

Shortly after this part of the video, Howard was spotted stealing the Golden Idol from right underneath MachineGames’ nose. 

In case you were wondering, the Indiana Jones and the Great Circle voice cast doesn’t include Harrison Ford



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