Monster Hunter: World Ancient Leshen – combat it, what’s its weak point

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The Leshen gearing up to send some roots to attack Geralt of Rivia.

Monster Hunter: World has a few crossover occasions, however essentially the most bold places us within the sneakers of Geralt of Rivia as he hunts down the monster that transported him and a Nekker to the forest. This seems to be the Leshen who has taken up residence within the Ancient Forest and disturbed the pure order. You’ll due to this fact have to put it down.

Those new to looking monsters, or for those who simply have to discover a explicit monster information to stand up to Hunter Rank 16 – wanted to start out this quest – ought to head over to our Monster Hunter: World guide hub for a plethora of guides.

Monster Hunter: World Ancient Leshen information

This information will go over While techincally a brand new class of monster generally known as a “Relict”, they’re usually discovered within the Ancient Forests of Velen and are slow-moving magic customers that may flip into crows. They’re primarily based on the Slavic mythological deity of the forests, generally known as the Leshy, and are discovered solely in woodland areas as a way to be near the animals.

The differences in the Ancient Leshen's stats in the Monster Field guide.

Ancient Leshen weaknesses and resistances

This part is for many who have already accomplished the hunt under that results in the Leshen. From 17th May 2019 till 30th May 2019, Hunters of Rank 50 will have the ability to combat a stronger model of the Leshen. This one is just about the identical as the traditional model, in that fireside is the way in which to go and it has the identical breakable elements.

The solely actual variations is that the Ancient Leshen has just a few extra resistances to illnesses. Poison isn’t as viable, whereas Paralysis and Blast are about as helpful as Stun is to the common model. So actually if you wish to deal essentially the most harm you possibly can to it, simply persist with waving a stick of fireplace in its face.

The Ancient Leshen

How to kill the Ancient Leshen

Comparatively talking, the combat between the 2 is remarkably much like the common Leshen, however there are a number of issues to think about when preventing the Ancient Leshen:

Firstly, be sure you convey well being regenerative augments to your gear. You’ll badly want it due to the truth that each the Revoltures and the Jagras that can arrive within the combat can chip away at your well being. Since this can be a combat of endurance greater than the rest, you’ll wish to make sure you’re solely utilizing well being potions if you want them, slightly than popping potions as a result of some pests pecked away at you.

The different factor to undoubtedly convey with you is Flash Pods. These can be utilized to interrupt a few of its extra devastating assaults, such because the seize or crow explosion for instance. Teammates also needs to have an array of buffing gadgets, just like the Mega Demondrug, Mega Armorskin, Demon Powder, Hardshell Powder, and both of the 2 seeds.

It begins the extent in space 12, so fly in direction of the camp in space 11 to cowl a big distance. Make positive you’ve one of many workforce shoot down the boulder on prime of the Ancient Leshen and its Jagras cronies. When you’re preventing it, it does have largely the identical strikes, nevertheless it now can seize and imprison gamers with its roots – which could be burnt away or interrupted with the Flash Pods. The different new assault is a large AOE assault that’s akin to Teostra’s explosion. Don’t attempt to tank this, however as an alternative both use a flash pod to interrupt it or dive to the bottom because it detonates.

Ancient Leshen supplies

When you’ve crushed the Ancient Leshen, you’ll have the ability to get a ton of various supplies. Here are all the gadgets you may get as a way to create some specialised Witcher Three gadgets to your hunter, together with a Ciri costume and a few new weapons.

Ancient Leshen supplies (excessive rank solely)

Item title Rarity of supplies carved Carving notes Rarity of supplies gained as rewards Reward notes
Ancient Cursed Bone **** *****
Ancient Leshhen Claw ***** ****
Leshen Resin **** **** Break Body & Legs
Ancient Leshen Antlers N/A *** Break antlers
Mutagen *

The Leshen's entry in the Monster Field Guide

Leshen’s weaknesses and resistances

As any Witcher is aware of, hearth is by far the perfect factor to make use of towards the Leshen. It not solely offers a variety of harm, however for those who use the Igni magic towards it, it’s going to stagger it for a short while, dispersing among the Revoltures round it or burn away any of the roots it has set as much as defend itself towards you. Water and Ice are the worst components to attempt to use towards it, whereas thunder and dragon deal first rate harm, however realistically you need to by now have a hearth weapon to reliably hit it with.

As for the illnesses, it’s a lot the identical breakdown, solely poison is the optimum ingredient of alternative. It’s inclined to paralysis, although I by no means fairly acquired blast to work towards it. The ones to keep away from totally are sleep, which is able to do nothing, and stun, which is simply not price it when paralysis works slightly higher.

Luckily, its head is the weak level for all weapons and it may be damaged twice for various rewards. Body and leg photographs will finally break them, however realistically you’ll wish to go for the pinnacle as a lot as doable.

Some Palicos worried about what they saw in the forest.

How to search out the Leshen quest in Monster Hunter: World

First of all, that you must be of Hunter Rank 16 or above to finish the hunt. This means you’ve on the very least accomplished the primary story by defeating Xeno’jiiva and saving the brand new world. If you’re fighting this child Elder Dragon, head to our Monster Hunter: World Xeno’jiiva information to study extra about defeat it. Once performed, speak to the cats standing close by at Astera, or simply go straight to the Research Base to speak to the individual at with the exclamation level. This will finally result in Geralt of Rivia being summoned. Agree to start the mission “Contract: Trouble within the Ancient Forest“.

Geralt is standing over a dead Aptonoth with the researcher, examining the corpse.

Contract: Trouble within the Ancient Forest

You want to finish a few in-mission quests earlier than you could find the Leshen. The first mission can be to speak to a close-by researcher. After exhausting the dialogue choices, head ahead till you discover some feathers. Follow the path and also you’ll discover one other useless Aptonoth surrounded by Revoltures. Quickly run in and use Igni to disperse them and not using a combat. This will full the primary a part of the contract.

The second could be discovered for those who head in direction of the north-east of the map. Examine the guide highlighted and comply with the path, as much as a second guide, then to look at some roots, earlier than lastly arriving on the researcher. After speaking to him, use Igni to free him from his bonds. Talk to him some extra to get extra info to finish the hunt. If you’ve accomplished each quests, head to the brand new pink approach level on the map in space 12 to be ambushed by Jagras. They’re slightly stronger than traditional, however shouldn’t be an issue. Once crushed, work together with the totem to burn it down and start the hunt for actual.

Geralt encounters some Gajalaka gathered by the Rathalos nest.

Side quests

This occasion additionally has some aspect quests to finish earlier than you end the hunt. You’ll want to complete all of them to get the true ending for this explicit quest.

  • Rescue the Pukei-Pukei – Look for the one Pukei-Pukei left alive within the roots. This is in the identical space the researcher who’s trapped within the vines is in, so use Igni to free it. Use the Lifepowder when it seems in the course of the Leshen combat.
  • Strange Markings from Gajalaka – Find any of the markings in caves. Talk to the researcher in Area 12, then go up the tree to close the camp at 17. This is the place Rathalos’s nest is. Defeat the Gajalaka, then comply with be their chief. Head straight to Area 13 (or Area 1 if you wish to speak to the handler first) as a way to discover the previous chief subsequent to an enormous vigorwasp. Defeat him to finish the aspect quest.

Geralt has just used Igni to stun and burn the Leshen.

How do I kill the Leshen?

Want some recommendation Hunter? Geralt of Rivia’s sword is not any match for among the gear that you simply’ve been build up and likelihood is that you simply’re most likely utilizing a weapon set that isn’t only a straight up sword and protect. Therefore it’s beneficial that you simply swap out Geralt’s gear one of many weapon units through the folks close to the camps. Leshen is surprisingly inclined to the Dual Blades getting used straight after the entire Igni hearth assault, nevertheless it’s additionally very susceptible to any assaults that take a very long time to cost up in that state.

Leshen has quite a few assaults it will possibly yield. It can summon Revoltures to encompass it, that means getting in near dish out harm could possibly be a barely painful expertise. Use Igni to burn them away when doable. The Revoltures could be ship outwards in a wave for reasonable harm, so search for when its arm is outstretched.

Not content material with simply having the ability to summon Revoltures, it will possibly additionally make the forest itself assault you, or defend towards your assault. It’ll telegraph this by plunging its claw into the bottom, so simply regulate the bottom for ripples. If the ripples come in direction of you, dive to the aspect to keep away from the ripple, or ahead to dodge the branches springing outwards to assault. If the roots encircle it, attempt to make your approach round it, or use Igni to burn away any bothersome roots.

Another annoying factor in regards to the Leshen is that the claws have a serrated edge to them. It can due to this fact inflict the Bleed standing ailment. To heal this, be sure you aren’t locking onto the goal earlier than you press the dodge button and nothing else. This will make you crouch, which supplies you just a few seconds to heal Bleed and provoke some latent therapeutic for those who’ve not recovered totally.

The factor that can most likely throw you for a loop is the Jagras it summons. Yes, these minnows are much more of a nuisance than they have been if you’ve been preventing the Great Jagras, thanks in no small half to the truth that round three to 4 of them can seem without delay, interrupting you everytime you attempt to heal. Whenever they spawn, telegraphed by the Leshen emitting a loud howl, attempt to ignore the Leshen until you’ve Igni available to burn the Leshen and any close by enemies.

Once you defeat the Leshen, you’ll get the Hunter Runestone rune to your troubles and may use the Igni capability by both utilizing the stone or the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt emote.

Geralt is fleeing from some Jagras to try and drink a healing potion. The Leshen is briefly stunned.

What supplies can I get from Leshen?

The Leshen can’t be captured, much like an Elder Dragon. Though the usual model is barely accessible single participant, there’s a nastier Ancient Leshen that can seem afterward that you should join with just a few different gamers to outlive. You can take a look at our Monster Hunter: World PC multiplayer information for extra info. Leshen’s supplies are important for crafting any of the Witcher gear that this replace brings, so you possibly can both take a look at our Monster Hunter: World combat information or our Monster Hunter: World armour information. In the checklist under, the celebrities point out the frequency through which the merchandise in query will drop, in addition to particulars on whether or not some gadgets are obtained by breaking a selected a part of the monster.

Leshen supplies (excessive rank solely)

Item title Rarity of supplies carved Carving notes Rarity of supplies gained as rewards Reward notes
Leshen Skull ***** 100% N/A
Leshhen Claw N/A ****
Cursed Bone N/A ****
Leshen Resin N/A *** Break Body & Legs
Leshen Antlers N/A ** Break antlers

When you’ve lastly taken down the Leshen, there can be an Ancient variant coming quickly, however aside from that there’s solely the beforehand accessible monsters to slay. So repeatedly hunt monsters to get first rate tools to arrange your self for the brand new island. You can study extra in regards to the earlier bosses launched within the free updates from our Monster Hunter: World Behemoth, Monster Hunter: World Deviljho, or our Monster Hunter: World Lunastra guides. There can also be one other elusive Elder Dragon that solely seems as soon as in a blue moon, so put together upfront by taking a look at our our Monster Hunter: World Kirin information.